Online Schools that Give Refund Checks and Laptops
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14 Online Schools that Give Refund Checks and Laptops

Wouldn’t it be neat to get freebies from schools? Well, this article will discuss 14 online schools that give free laptops and refund checks.

College costs continue to increase annually. Depending on the school, the cost of attending college can range from around $1,000 to $1,200.

However, many universities have started to freeze tuition in the past couple of years, but this won’t be the case for future students. 

The rising cost of college is especially worrying for students who are already struggling to make ends meet.

In addition to the cost of education, other factors such as books, clothes, and school supplies are also increasing.

This can leave students wondering if they can afford to attend college.

There are online schools that provide their students with laptops to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest technology.

This article is about 14 online schools that give refund checks and laptops.

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Online Schools that Give Refund Checks and Laptops for Free

The following are 14 online schools that give refund checks and laptops:

1. Moravian University

With a robust support system and technological advancements, Moravian University provides its students with a flexible and personalized learning experience.

Moreover, the university also maintains high academic standards with a commitment to providing its students with the necessary resources to succeed.

At the university, students get a MacBook Pro and an iPad, which have various software programs to help them improve their academic performance. 

2. Walden University

The Higher Learning Commission is an organization that approves online universities.

One of the most prominent of these is Walden University, which is regarded by students, graduates, and employers.

The university also provides its students with laptops and refund checks.

3. Dakota State University

The Dakota State University is the state’s #1 online university. The school provides high-quality education regardless of one’s location.

To accommodate its academic programs, the university offers Fujitsu T Series laptops. The devices come with licensed software and can access protected university networks. 

4. Capella University

For students who are struggling to make ends meet, Capella University provides them with refunds.

They can either use a direct deposit or a paper check. Once the student loan has been disbursed, the outstanding expenses are cleared, and the refund process can take around ten working days.

5. Rochester University

To encourage students to enroll, distance learning and online universities provide incentives such as a refund check and a laptop.

Some programs are completely online, while others are hybrid. Students can study either on-campus or online, depending on their curriculum. 

Rochester university is one of those online schools that give refund checks and free laptops to encourage learning.

6. American National University (ANU)

The program aims to encourage more students to enroll in ANU’s online programs. To this end, the university provides its students with refund checks, laptops, and academic software for free. 

7. St. John’s University

St. John’s is an international and metropolitan university. As a reflection of St. Vincent de Paul’s example, the University is dedicated to helping those in need and fighting injustices that contribute to a more just world.

However, the university provides students with computers depending on their studies, and they must turn them in once they graduate. 

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8. University of Phoenix

If students are eligible, they can receive a refund check or a computer from the University of Phoenix. The process is in the form of either a direct deposit or a paper check.

Besides, after the student returns to school, they receive reimbursements and the computer within 14 days.

9. Saint Leo University

One of Florida’s oldest Catholic universities, Saint Leo, offers students the option of receiving their refunds using various methods.

These include a paper check, direct deposit, or payment using BankMobile.

10. Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global issues refunds by direct deposit or paper check, which students receive within ten days following the start of a semester or at the end of the semester.

However, new students get a computer within the first couple of weeks after they start their academic year.

If a student chooses to receive a refund check, the school sends it to their address through the delivery window.

11. Chatham University

This online school only gives laptops to new students during their first year. After graduating, they will retain theirs.

Moreover, Chatham University has several graduate and undergraduate programs and has more than 2,200 students. 

12. Valley City State University

Valley City State University provides debt repayment refunds to students. The university also participates in a program that provides all its full-time students with a new laptop.

Part-time students can also get laptops if the number of units exceeds those enrolled full-time.

13. Bethel University

The goal of this program is to provide online students with high-quality Christian education.

In addition to providing laptops, this online school also provides refund checks. 

14. Independence University

Like others on the list, this online school offers refund checks to students together with laptops.

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So, if you want to attend an affordable college, check out the 14 online schools listed in these articles that give refund checks and free laptops.