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Call For Registrations: The Omniverse Summit (driving the digital economy on the continent)

We’re delighted to extend our warmest welcome to the inaugural gathering of The Omniverse. Come join us as we collectively shape the future.

The Omniverse Summit is dedicated to fostering collaboration within the digital economy. Our summit unites leaders from technology, innovation, business, the startup ecosystem, academia, the creative industries, public policy, and the development sector.

Main Stage Highlights:

Immerse yourself in a diverse range of perspectives, provocations, and recommendations as our panels, fireside chats, and keynote presentations unfold on the main stage. Each day, esteemed innovators and changemakers will delve into topics ranging from shaping the continent’s narrative to cultivating sustainable creative careers.

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Your Experience Zone:

Explore immersive exhibitions, workshops, and talks in the experience hall, offering deeper insights into summit themes. Each day brings a fresh exploration of topics, from the evolution of African innovation to the shifting landscape of work.

Everyone’s Marketplace:

Browse retail stands and brand experience booths showcasing exciting local products and cutting-edge solutions from global businesses. Indulge in culinary delights and peruse the fashion bazaar at our food court.

The Development Room:

Connect with development funders, discover implementation partners, and gain insights on accessing project funding.

The Deal Room:

Forge partnerships, negotiate deals, and access support from legal and business experts stationed within.

The Sage’s Lounge:

Engage in intimate conversations with summit panelists and speakers, drawing wisdom and insight from their illustrious careers.

The Career Centre:

Seek expert advice on career advancement, industry transitions, and job opportunities.


  • Innovation: Harness the energy of diverse convenings in technology, business, development, and governance to foster dialogue and collaboration.
  • Community: Exchange knowledge, share resources, and co-create solutions to address complex challenges facing our continent and communities.
  • Support: Receive unparalleled assistance to ensure a seamless and rewarding summit experience from registration onwards.
  • Career: Explore avenues for career advancement, industry transitions, and job opportunities.

Save the date: February 27th to March 1st.

Click HERE to register and embark on this transformative journey with us.