Nigeria Health Watch 2nd Prevent Epidemics Journalism Fellowship 2020
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Nigeria Health Watch 2nd Prevent Epidemics Journalism Fellowship 2020

Nigeria Health Watch 2nd Prevent Epidemics Journalism Fellowship
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Nigeria Health Watch started advocating for better funding for epidemic preparedness in October 2018. With the various pressing health needs Nigeria faces, it was difficult for policy makers to at first understand why the country should dedicate more resources to prepare for an epidemic that may never happen. Twenty months later, the world is dealing with the largest pandemic we have faced in the last 100 years, and issues of preparedness, or lack of it, have come to the fore of not just national, but global discuss.

Countries have struggled with the outbreak, perhaps because many were not as prepared to handle a large-scale epidemic as they thought. One major issue that affects epidemic preparedness is funding, especially funding to help the health sector prepare before an outbreak occurs. Nigeria has taken important steps to improve its ability to find, stop and prevent disease outbreaks and other health threats before they get out of control; but not much can be done without adequate funding.

Be part of the solution by highlighting ways to address Nigeria’s funding challenges through your reporting! Help to raise the profile of epidemic preparedness and generate support for robust epidemic preparedness funding. After all, as COVID-19 has shown, it’s not a question of if but when the next disease outbreak will occur.

Nigeria Health Watch will award three fellowships to outstanding journalists with a passion for covering epidemic preparedness. Fellows will receive financial support for the 3-month period, to complete their reporting, as well as continued coaching and support accessing national and international data and contacts, among other benefits.

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To apply, please use any of the themes below to propose 2 story ideas you will focus on during the fellowship:

  • The current state of Nigeria’s funding for epidemic preparedness
  • The economic cost of not providing adequate funding for epidemic preparedness
  • Existing gaps in current funding pattern for epidemic preparedness.
  • How lack of sustained funding of Nigeria’s public health institutes make infectious disease outbreaks catastrophic

Also, please provide links to any relevant publications, presentations, or other representations of your work that you’d like to share.

The Fellowship is open to journalists affiliated with mainstream, print and online media in Nigeria.

Fellows will be expected to participate in all scheduled activities.
Fellows will be expected to publish, in their affiliated media (Print, TV, Radio, Online), at least 3 stories – with 1 in long form.
Fellows will be expected to continue to provide coverage to the prevent epidemics project after their fellowship.

Duration of Programme: 3-month programme (Fellowship will run from August 2020 to October 2020)

How to send your application

Fill the application FORM before 24th July 2020.

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