Maxim Time Clock Pros and Cons

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“Tick Tick says the clock, what you have to do, do it now.” Those were the words of one of the particular rhymes sung in my primary school while growing up, back then, it makes little or no sense because we never really understood the concept of time or clock, we are just familiar with the long hand and shorthand we were shown.

Like the words of the rhyme “what you have to do, do it now.” Since the time of Covid19, which introduced social distancing to us, the world has been doing what they have to do and one of those things is embracing “Maxim Time Clock.”

The question bugging your mind right now is, what is Maxim Time Clock? Who uses it? What is it for? How can it be used? Worry not. All you need to do is read till the end to find answers to your mind-boggling questions.

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What is Maxim Time Clock?

Every organization uses paper for timesheets, but Maxim Time Clock makes the organization goes paperless as it is a web-based platform that helps employees facilitate a complete-time card through the use of their computers, laptops, and smartphones. Here, they can receive weekly mailed timesheets for e-approval.

Other names used for maxim time clock are; punch clock, time recorder, card machine, etc because it is a beneficial device for keeping the signing in and signing out of employees.

There is the need to promote effective social distancing, this is exactly what a maxim time clock does. It simplified the process of collection, review, and approval of timesheets to a digital one as it reduces unnecessary physical interaction and saves money.

How to Use a Maxim Time Clock

  • Check
  • Scroll to the end of the page, click on “Let’s Get Started.”
  • Fill in the form that appears on the screen. Insert your first and last names, company name, phone number, email id, state/ region. All these are mandatory fields.
  • Then submit

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Pros of using a Maxim Time Clock

Nobody wants to try out something new unless its benefits to them have been stated. Below is the advantage of using the clock.

Highly Mobile-Optimized

The new trend after covid19 is working from home, the best possible way to work from home is through a digital mobile which includes: your smartphone, laptop, or computer.

Freely and Easily Accessible

To make use of a maxim time clock is free, all that is required of you is access to an internet connection alongside your device.

Easy to Use

It doesn’t require many guidelines, protocols, procedures, or processes. It is very easy to use in as much as you are familiar with digital tools.

Requires a Minimal Setup

The setup only takes filling forms, digital time card submission, and the approval platform. There is nothing much to set up and you don’t need to be familiar with tech before you can use it.

Keeps Archived Timesheets

It gives you access to both the past and present timesheets.

Entirely Paperless and Effortless

It requires less effort to use and all you need to do is done digitally, you don’t need to work with a pen or paper.

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Multiple Timesheets

It gives you access to work on different timesheets as it makes navigating between different sectors easy,

Audits Trail for Approvals and Keeps all Documents

It promotes social distancing

It promotes social distancing as it saves you the stress of interacting with people, touching different surfaces, and washing your hands over and over again.

  • Enriched one’s Experience as it is a New Experience on its Own
  • Saves Money and Time
  • It Increases Productivity and Accuracy
  • It Reduces Fraud

Cons of Using a Maxim Time Clock

Every great thing has its flaws just as a human does. A maxim time clock might sound great, but it does have its flaws. Its flaws might not be high compared to its greatness. However, its flaws include;

  • It gives the super administrator full access to the whole account log, managing managers, business settings, etc without restriction while the administrator is restricted from having access to the business settings,
  • Gives access to tracking time, accuracy, compliance while concentration and spending time to grow the business is reduced,
  • It makes your sheets inaccessible when there is a poor internet connection.

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Maxim Time Clock can be likened to GPS punch out, TimeSNAP, etc but they can’t beat the clock in terms of its features and advantages as a Maxim Time Clock captures an employee’s time and reallocation through a QR code.

It captures time through the Global Positioning System(GPS). It is an advanced technology that helps both employers and employees.

Have your mind-boggling questions been answered? Would you prefer we go paperless with a Maxim Time Clock or we continue with the use of paper in the 21st century? Use the comment section to share your view.

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