Full List of Low GPA Colleges: 100+ List of Colleges that Accept Low GPA
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Full List of Low GPA Colleges: 100+ List of Colleges that Accept Low GPA

Multiple colleges are ready to accept students with low GPA scores. So, if you fall under this category of students, you don’t have to worry yourself thinking about these colleges, because there are a ton of them.

In time past, students felt that having a low GPA score would hinder their admission into higher institutions to have quality education. The great news is things have changed and those days are far behind us in the aspect of education, this has also affected colleges accepting low GPA scores.

Additionally, no matter the GPA scores you possess, there is the possibility for you to still get admitted into that institution, and also study your dream course. In a country like the U.S., the Grade Point Average (GPA) is a vital prerequisite that is being considered by most of the admission committee in any institution before admitting a student. The United States of America has it’s a method for the calculation of GPA scores, and it does that on a scale of 4.

How to Gain Admission into GPA Colleges?

There are multiple ways to increase your chances of gaining admission into low GPA colleges, and here the tips:

List Out Your Strengths

You may have a Grade Point Average that isn’t impressive to the admission officers of your chosen institution, but other qualities possessed by you may make you a priority on the list of the institution. Both postgraduate and undergraduate institutions use different criteria to judge applicants such as volunteer work, part-time job, community service, and many others.

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Holistic Admissions

Most institutions tend to examine your application as a package deal. This means they may choose other factors to compliment your low grades. Some of the factors considered are work experience, references, and essays.

An essay or Personal Statement

On your personal statement, you could choose to be emotional, positive, and even creative to narrate your story, given that most institutions these days strive to know the man behind the GPA. If you have specific reasons for your low GPA score, you can discuss it inside.

High-Quality Letter of Recommendation

Your reference/recommendation letter gives you the opportunity to show the qualities that can’t be seen within your GPA. This could be from your teachers in high school detailing how you’ve progressed as both an individual and as a student.

Using Conditional Acceptance

This simply implies your grade didn’t meet the requirement for you to be given full acceptance but would be given admission on some conditions like, As a student, you must surpass a particular GPA, or have a particular number of credits in every semester.

List of Colleges Accepting 2.0 GPA

  1. Medaille College
  2. University of Maine
  3. Texas A & M University
  4. Dallas Nursing Institute
  5. Albany State University
  6. Fort Hays State University
  7. Gwynedd Mercy University
  8. University of Maine at Kent
  9. North Carolina State University
  10. Family of Faith Christian University
  11. University of Houston Clear – Lake
  12. Lewis Clark State – State University

List of Colleges Accepting 2.1 GPA

  1. Metropolitan College of NewYork
  2. Gulton Jones of Funeral Services
  3. Southern Indiana Polytechnic Institute

List of Colleges Accepting 2.2 GPA

  1. Selma University
  2. Richland Community College
  3. Paul Camp Community College
  4. Morrison Institute of Technology

List of colleges Accepting 2.3 GPA

  1. Louisburg College
  2. Livingstone College
  3. South Suburban College
  4. Mc. Henry County College
  5. Sullivan County Community College

List of Colleges Accepting 2.4 GPA

  1. Talladega College
  2. University of the West
  3. Southern Vermont College
  4. South East Technical Institute
  5. Southern University at New Orleans
  6. Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
  7. Louisiana Delta Community College

List of Colleges Accepting 2.5 GPA

  1. ECPI University
  2. Endicott College
  3. Grand Canyon University
  4. Grace Christian University
  5. University of Southern Indiana
  6. Southern New Hampshire University

List of Colleges Accepting 2.6 GPA

  1. Lane College
  2. Lincoln College
  3. Shaw University
  4. Lincoln University
  5. New England College
  6. Coppin State University

List of Colleges Accepting 2.7 GPA

  1. Wesley College
  2. Bloomfield College
  3. Fresno City College
  4. Community College
  5. Central State University
  6. Virginia Union University
  7. National Louis University
  8. Florida Memorial University

List of Colleges Accepting 2.8 GPA

  1. Dean College
  2. Langston University
  3. Kentucky State University
  4. Texas Southern University
  5. Grambling State University
  6. Savannah State University
  7. Fort Valley State University
  8. Northeastern Illinois University

List of Colleges Accepting 2.9 GPA

  1. Texas College
  2. University of Baltimore
  3. Albany State University
  4. Norfolk State University
  5. Virginia State University
  6. University of Mount Olive
  7. Franklin Pierce University
  8. Tennessee State University

List of Colleges Accepting 3.0 GPA

  1. Lynn University
  2. Jean University
  3. Lamar University
  4. Norwich University
  5. Washington University
  6. University of Minnesota
  7. University of Bridgeport
  8. Morgan State University
  9. Berklee College of Music
  10. Valdosta State University
  11. The College of Westchester
  12. Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem of America
  13. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

List of Colleges Accepting 3.1 GPA

  1. University of Hartford
  2. Indian State University
  3. Alabama State University
  4. The Evergreen State of College
  5. University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee
  6. Southern New Hampshire University

List of Colleges Accepting 3.2 GPA

  1. St. Thomas University
  2. James Madison University
  3. Suffolk University Southwestern
  4. California State University Fresno


Colleges that accepts Low GPA are available for individuals with a low-Grade Point Average Score. That been established, you really don’t have to berate yourself for not scoring high. The most advantageous thing to do is compiling your numerous skills and expertise to give you an exceptional appearance before the University admission officers.