Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchises | The 9 most profitable options
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Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchises | The 9 most profitable options

Laundries and dry cleaners are becoming the new trend in the market. In this context, investing in laundry and dry cleaning franchises is an attractive way to start. The advantages of being a franchisee are obvious: investment in a renowned brand, acquisition of know-how, training and support from the franchisor, and access to suppliers. The chances of success are undeniable.

If you are looking for business opportunities, how about learning a little more about laundry and dry cleaning franchises? In this article, we will address the 9 best franchises in the sector.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchises

The 9 best laundry and dry cleaning franchises to invest in are:

#1. Pressto: the cleaning boutique

“To get to do something great, you start by taking small steps” and Pressto has it very clear. In 1994 the company opened its first laundry in Madrid. By 98 they gave a decisive impulse by establishing the first franchise in Latin America. The country chosen was Mexico, which today is where it has the greatest presence in the American region. Currently, they have more than 800 stores and are present on five continents.

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Thus, the exponential growth of the Pressto franchise has made it a world reference in the laundry franchise sector. In Latin America, it is found in Peru, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico.

Personalized treatment with each client is another of Pressto’s characteristics. Despite being a large multinational, the company does not neglect the loyalty of each of its customers.

Franchise model

The business model followed by Pressto to expand in the countries is through the formula «Master Franchise». It is a model in which the franchisee becomes a partner and is responsible for the development of the brand in the given country.

The Master Franchisee License offers the following rights:

  • Use brand registrations and know-how.
  • Establish a contract for 10 years and the possibility of renewal for another 10 years.
    Initial and continuous training of the franchisee.

Technical support.

  • Preparation of the marketing program.
  • According to the official Pressto franchise page, the investment required to implement a master franchise will depend on the market potential in each territory. Therefore, the “numbers” are discussed individually with each investor.
  • If you want to be a Pressto franchisee, fill out the form on its official website

#2. AquaMatic: America’s # 1 Laundry Chain

The AquaMatic chain was established in 1972 under the concept, innovative for its time, of self-service laundry. A year later, the first store was inaugurated, and today it is one of the most famous laundry franchises in Mexico. In addition, it had the merit of becoming the first smart laundry in Mexico and Latin America. Later, in 1996, it incorporated the dry cleaning service.

By 2006 it already had 11 stores of its own, they ventured to operate under the franchise model. As a result, in this same year they opened their first two laundry franchises in the Mexican region itself. However, it was not until 2012 when they formalized the franchise model. Thus, the result was an unprecedented expansion in the Mexican region. Currently, they have 150 branches in Mexico and plan to expand to the continental level.

Requirements to obtain an AquaMatic franchise
  • Have $ 250,000 available.
  • Be in a position to comply with the rules of the franchise.
  • Have an excellent track record in previous activities.
  • Have the desire to develop your own business.
  • Investment models

The AquaMatic laundry franchise has two investment models. In both, it is the “turnkey” model:

Ultra Franchise
  • Includes 11 washers and 8 dryers.
  • It includes furniture and equipment, interior decoration, hydraulic, electrical and sanitary installations.

Preparation of marketing strategy, advertising and initial promotion of the laundry.
Training of the franchisee and the entire staff, business operation manuals and advice for the processing of the necessary permits and licenses.

Mega franchise
  • Includes 14 washers and 10 dryers.
  • It includes furniture and equipment, interior decoration, hydraulic, electrical and sanitary installations.
  • Preparation of marketing strategy, advertising and initial promotion of the laundry.
  • Training of the franchisee and the entire staff, business operation manuals and advice for the processing of the necessary permits and licenses.

Regarding the premises, the franchisor has premises to set up its franchises.

However, you do evaluate the locations suggested by your franchisee candidates. Steps to acquire an AquaMatic franchise Complete and send the contact form. Wait to be contacted by phone or email by the franchisor.

In this step, a personal appointment will be scheduled at your offices. Approval of operational and financial viability. Acquisition of your first AquaMatic franchise. For more information, visit their official page.

#3. Centronet: ecological laundry and dry cleaning franchise

Centronet is one of the most recognized laundry and dry cleaning franchises in the world. How is it different from the rest? In its commitment to the ecological. Today he has more than 50 years of experience in this sector.

In addition, one of the competitive advantages offered by the Centronet franchise is that it is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. In this way, its more than 400 stores around the world reveal its expansion. In Latin America, it is present in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, according to data from its official website.

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In addition, its added value is that it is one of the few organic dry cleaning franchises in the region. Highly biodegradable products and machinery with filters that recycle the product are used in its premises. The company has a certificate in Europe that endorses it as a 100% ecological business.

Requirements that Centronet franchises must meet

State-of-the-art ecological machinery and cutting-edge technology.
Franchisee training with a duration of 1 to 2 weeks.
Appropriate location determined by a market study.
Investment types

There is no entry fee, but three types of investment:

  • Export
  • Medium
  • Premium

The client will be able to choose the type of franchise that he wishes to install. In addition, the franchisee must pay a monthly fee.

On the other hand, Centronet is interested in its franchisees opening other businesses to supplement the income of the dry cleaners. Some of these that they make available for the franchisee to invest are:

Centronet shop: This is a small store that sells biodegradable or anti-allergic household products.
Centronet laundry: Establishment of a small laundry that requires little investment.
For more information regarding the franchise, see the Centronet website.

#4. Clean Master: low investment franchise with a high level of profitability

Clean Master is another of the ecological laundry and dry cleaning franchises. It emerged in Spain in 1994, but it was not until 2001 when they began to expand through the franchise model.

Over the next few years, franchises are established in Madrid and Barcelona. Its introduction in the international market comes with the opening of a dry cleaning/laundry franchise in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. In addition, it is one of the laundry franchises in Peru and Chile. Currently, it has 37 stores worldwide.

Franchise Models

To acquire a Clean Master franchise you have 4 options. The differences in the models lie in the space required, in the services offered, and in the investment.

For example, Model 1 is the most complete. In this option, all processes are carried out: dry cleaning, laundry, and wetcleaning. You need a place that has more than 120 m2. In Model 2, all services are also offered, but less equipment and space of approximately 60 m2 are required. For its part, the Model 3 only offers laundry and wetcleaning services. It requires a room of 50 m2. Finally, the Model 4 offers only the dry cleaning service and demands a space of 40 m2.

According to the consulting firm Franquicias Hoy, the total investment of a Clean Master franchise is € 39,950 in Europe, while internationally it is the equivalent of € 59,950. The duration contract can be from 1 to 10 years renewable.

To learn more about the Clean Master franchise, you must complete the franchise form on their website.

#5. Lim Clean: laundry, dry cleaning and ironing franchise

Lim Clean is one of the low-cost laundry franchises. In addition, it also offers dry cleaning and ironing franchises. They only grant laundry franchises in Mexico. In addition, it is governed under the “turnkey” model. That is, they take care of everything necessary to establish the business. Being of low investment, the franchisee can choose if he wants the laundry franchise to be assembled with new or rebuilt equipment.

Franchise Models

There are 4 laundry models that the franchisee can select depending on their budget. The difference between these models lies in the quantity and quality of laundry equipment, as well as in the space required in the premises.

For example, in Model 1 only 3 commercial washers and 3 commercial dryers are installed and space of approximately 25 square meters is required. On the other hand, in Model 4 8 industrial washing machines (of different capacities) and 4 industrial dryers are installed. In addition, the space of the premises required for this model is approximately 60 square meters. To learn more about all models, visit their laundry franchise page.

As a franchisee, regardless of the laundry model you choose, you will have the right to:

  • Brand exploitation
  • Advice for the processing of licenses and permits.
  • Initial training of the franchisee.
  • Initial opening publicity.
  • Adequacy of the premises.
  • Local installation materials and labor.
  • Shelves conditioned to the premises.
  • Laundry reception furniture.
  • Clothes folding table.
  • Lim Clean office kit.

The delivery time of the laundry franchise ready for opening will be 30 to 40 business days. On the other hand, the contract will have a duration of 1 year onwards.

Exploitation fee: 3,000 Mexican pesos per year.
No royalties are charged.
To request a Lim Clim franchise, or for more information, contact them through the contact form.

#6. 5àsec: the world’s leading dry cleaning franchise

The 5àsec dry cleaning franchise is originally from Marseille, France. It was founded in 1968 based on a deeply innovative formula, as it offered dry cleaning services available to all social sectors. The name comes from the 5 rates that had their services. In addition, they highlight the speed in their delivery times.

In order to expand in countries outside of France, they have adopted the «Master Franchise» business model. In this sense, the franchisee will be a partner and responsible for developing the brand in the destination country.

The franchisor will help you in the following aspects:

  • Project design and approval.
  • Development of a market study and a five-year business plan.
  • Choice of location.
  • Training program.
  • Support in technical and purchasing aspects.
  • Preparation of the launch plan for the opening of your first store.
  • Continuous training of the franchisee.

If you want to contact them to acquire the franchise, register on their website. We recommend that you consult our detailed guide on the 5àsec franchise beforehand.

#7. Clean & Clean: leading image franchise

Clean & Clean is one of the dry cleaning franchises that are successfully present in Spain, Venezuela, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Portugal, Aruba, and Peru. The prosperity of Clean & Clean is due to the fact that they offer the customer a quality dry cleaning service with low prices and short delivery times.

In addition, Clean & Clean stores have differentiating elements such as garment delivery ATMs that work around the clock. Thus, customers can remove their garments at the time they prefer, without the store being open.

The company operates under the «Master Franchise» model. In this way, the franchisee will be the maximum responsible for the franchise in its territory.

The Clean & Clean franchisor is in charge of:

  • Evaluate the market.
  • Advise the franchisee in choosing the location.
  • Develop the complete project of conditioning and decoration.
  • Transport and install machinery and accessories.
  • Evaluate staff.
  • Promote theoretical and practical training for the franchisee and all staff.
  • Offer complete operations manuals.
  • Advertise and promote the opening.
  • Offer the know-how.
  • Technical service.

If you want to acquire a Clean & Clean franchise, contact them through their official website.

#8. Ecolaudry: environmentally conscious self-service laundries

Ecolaudry is one of the self-service franchises in Spain. It currently has more than 160 centers located, the vast majority, in cities of the Peninsula. However, he is in search of new international entrepreneurs.

Steps to acquire an Ecolaudry franchise
  1. Fill in the contact form to request information.
  2. Signing of a pre-contract.
  3. Selection of the locality or neighborhood.
  4. Search for the premises in said location.
  5. Signing of the contract and configuration of the Ecolaundry business depending on the budget you have.
  6. Adequacy of the premises.
  7. Opening of your Ecolaundry franchise.

In addition, the opening advertising is included. An Ecolaundry franchise includes

  • Dryers and Washers
  • Operation Manual
  • Training
  • Local advertising (flyers)
  • Brand advertising (social networks, web …)
  • Posters
  • Work coordination
  • 2 years warranty
  • Furniture
  • Home automation system
  • Investment (with work included): € 35,000

#9. Clean & Go: cheap, simple and safe self-service laundry

Clean & Go is one of the best-known self-service laundries. They have installed more than 5,000 laundries around the world. Although they are not properly based on the franchise system, they offer the four main advantages of this model: use of the brand, know-how, training, and technical support.

As it is not a franchise, you will not have to pay an entrance fee or royalties for sales and advertising. In this sense, the profits are entirely with the person who invests in one of the Clean & Go laundries.

In addition, they offer different business models accessible to different budgets.

For more information about this self-service laundry, fill out the form on its official website.

Final words

Starting a business on the basis of an already recognized brand and having business management advice make running a new business easier.

In this article, you have known the 9 best laundry and dry cleaning franchises in the sector. In addition, you observed that the options are varied, from those that involve a greater investment to the low cost. Now it’s up to you to decide which one to invest in eco-friendly laundries or industrial laundries?

To have complete information, especially regarding investment costs, you must contact them through their official pages. Remember that these data are very sensitive and not all official pages offer them.