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Does Kohl’s Drug Test in 2023? All you need to know about Kohl’s

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Kohl’s is currently the largest departmental retail chain store in the US. So you understand that it is a big deal to get hired there. So, does Kohl’s drug test in 2022?

People are constantly asking about their drug testing policy and which drugs they test for if any.

Bear in mind that if you want to apply to a Kohl’s store near you, you might want to look into the process involved in the interview.

About the question of drug testing, no, Kohl’s does not do pre-employment drug tests.

However, no tests before and during the hiring process do not mean there are no tests after getting hired. That is a different ball game altogether.

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Does Kohl’s Drug Test?

Unlike many other stores, Kohl’s does not do random drug tests. This does not exempt you from drug tests throughout your working period with them, though.

They do routine checks, mostly if there is a reason or suspicions. The employers want all employees to give out top-quality service; therefore, you will be called in for a test if any such drug usage comes from you. It is part of the contract signed that you can be called in for a test.

Alcohol use is not excluded as you’ll be handling customers. There is another instance where you will be tested, which is when getting a promotion.

You will be required to go through a test. If your result comes back positive, the employment will be terminated immediately.  

What Type of Drug Test Does Kohl’s Use?

Different companies resort to various methods of testing for drugs. The most common are the following:

  1. mouth swab, for its ease
  2. sample test for its quick results.

Some companies use one or the other, but Kohl’s uses both. The location and reason for testing you would determine which methods they use for you.

They do the urine sample test off-site in the presence of medical personnel. This means you will be given the forms to fill, and you will make your way to a medical facility near the store to get the test done.

When you get there, you’ll be given a cup where you are you out your urine sample, a.k.a pee in the bathroom. You’ll be expected to leave your belongings outside to prevent unruly behavior.

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List of Drugs Kohl’s Tests for

The sample is mainly tested for illegal drugs and medication which you would be informed of before the test. This is a list of some of the drugs you’ll be tested for:  

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Amphetamines
  • Opioids
  • Methamphetamines
  • PCP
  • Barbiturates

The mouth swab test that we spoke of earlier can also be called an oral fluid test or saliva drug test.

These tests, as stated above, are much easier to do, and another plus is that it is on-site.

That means it can be done right there in the store under close watch. So, whatever unruly behavior, like tampering with the sample that might have gone unnoticed in the urine sample drug test, cannot escape the authorities involved in this case.

This test is used more often when there is immediate suspicion of drug use, especially recent ones. It is also done after an accident at work.

What about Marijuana?

Another popular question people ask regarding drug tests is the test of marijuana.

Marijuana has been legalized in many states, and as such, it shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

However, the testing for marijuana will depend on your state. If it is illegal in a state and the results come back positive, the consequences of any other drug test will be their lot.

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It may seem like Kohl’s is lenient with their drug testing policy, unlike many other companies, but you’ll be surprised that many of these companies are not that different.

The key is to stay clean throughout your period of employment as there might be regular checks for employees.

Also, you can’t rule out those checks when getting promoted and the ones you undergo if you get into an accident.

Companies in a state work according to state laws, so if marijuana is legalized in that state, there will be no cause for alarm if it’s found in your system.

However, you should be in the best state because a positive drug test result never has positive repercussions.

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