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Which Jobs in Science and Tech Should You Be Setting Your Sights On?

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When it comes to getting the right skills for your career, it helps to know where it is that you would like to work, regarding industry and field. Over the last two decades, we have seen the industries of science and technology grow more than others, and it is here where we will focus today. In particular, we are going to look at the fastest-growing fields within science and tech, and consider whether they are short-term fads or long-term career choices that you should look to consider.

Be Prepared To Move

Before we get stuck into the career choices which you have, we should begin by mentioning the importance of being flexible regarding moving countries to find the right job for you. There is absolutely no doubt that science and tech in the US for example, is heavily supported by those who are working away from their home country. A lot of these men and women send money back home, often using the Ria Transfer app to send money internationally. These remittances are a great indicator of just how many people move to find the right job for them, and to companies which will give them opportunities within science and technology.

Computer Scientist and Database Admin

According to Monster Jobs, this is the position that has seen the fastest growth in the past decade, with 37% more positions available now than back in 2012. Given the widespread use of computing throughout the entire commercial world, there is no surprise that we have a bigger need than ever for men and women who understand how to ensure our IT systems are operating to their very best.

Computer Software Engineer

Software engineers are focused on the creation of new software, which is able to carry out a broad array of functions. From app development to AI software, security packages to protect systems to basic programs which increase the productivity of a business. This particular position has seen a growth of 36% in the last decade.


Looking into the work that CNBC has published from the Bureau of Labor Statistics around the current and projected growth rate of jobs in this sector, it is clear that data really leads the way in this field. They have projected that statisticians will see a growth rate of around 35% in the next 8 years, as more and more companies rely on the data which they can obtain. Speaking about data, Megan Slabinski, district president for global talent solutions at Robert Half stated that ‘Companies have realized that there’s so much power in data and technology to either attract new customers or understand customer behavior”.


The fourth position within science and technology which has solid protected growth is that of epidemiologists, although opinion is divided on how long this will become a fast-growth position. Naturally, after what happened with the Coronavirus pandemic, there is more of a focus than ever before on the power of vaccines and minimizing the risk of something like this ever happening again. The Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that this particular role will see the growth of around 29% over the next 8 years, following a spike of interest in young, scientifically minded students.

This is a very fluid industry although there is no doubt that positions in the fields of Information technology, biotechnology, environmental technology, and engineering technology are going to continue to grow as they have over the past decade.

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