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17 Best-paying jobs in Energy for Graduates

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What would the world look like without energy? Energy jobs are greatly in high demand all across the globe, but what are the best-paying energy graduates?

Energy, as we all know, is a basic necessity in today’s world hence they are paid one of the highest salaries among many other available jobs out there. We would be showing you the best-paying energy jobs for graduates as you read on.

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Best-paying jobs in energy for graduates

The best-paying jobs in energy for graduates according to our research are outlined below.

Civil Engineering

If you are looking for the best-paying energy jobs you just might consider checking on Civil Engineering.

The job of a Civil Engineer is no joke. They are basically into construction. They design, build, supervise, and construct infrastructures like roads, bridges buildings, airports, dams, railways, drainage, and many other constructions.

It is a highly challenging job and you get to go through critical processes in doing your job.

You can earn roughly $144,560 as a Civil Engineer annually. There’s a possibility you can earn more. It all depends on how great a professional are you.

Petroleum Engineering

This is also one of the best-paying jobs in energy. As long as we still rely on the use of petroleum in our society, Petroleum Engineering is key.

They help in sorting the issues on oil and gas for use in society. The demand for crude oil globally is still in high demand as the world would always be in need of energy supply.

The average pay of a petroleum engineer yearly is $137,720. This is obviously a high-paying job in the world today.

Environmental Scientist

With the issues of environmental hazards and other environmental issues like pollution, Environmental Scientists are on standby for the solution to environmental issues.

It is also one of the best-paying jobs you can get.  Environmental Scientists are to ensure the things that could destroy our planet.

They are paid a high amount of money as being an Environmental Engineer involves critical thinking skills which not everyone has the potential to do.

The average salary an Environmental Engineer can earn is about $71,360 annually, which is one good pay.

Financial Analyst for Energy Companies

It takes strategic thinking to be a financial analyst. It is one of the best-paying jobs today.

Financial Analyst is a stressful job, as you ought to have certain skills to be able to do your job effectively. You need to have great presentation skills, the ability to influence and persuade, and many more.

It is extremely stressful being a Financial Analyst so, they are among the best-paying jobs today. The average pay a Financial Analyst can earn is $81,590.

Electrical power-line installer

As the name suggests they are responsible for the installation of power lines in society

They install, maintain the power lines that supply electricity. Their job is mostly desired in utility companies, energy companies, and telecommunication companies.

They are paid handsomely as it is not an easy job to do. Most power line installers sea paid $65,700 a year. This makes it one of the best-paying jobs you can get.

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Chemical Engineering

There are chemicals needed for the production of certain commodities. And without the presence of Chemical Engineers in our society it won’t be made possible.

It is one of the best-paying jobs in our present world. The job of a Chemical Engineer is to invent chemicals needed for the manufacturing of some products like foods, drugs, fuel, and others.

The average pay annually for a Chemical Engineer is $97,360 which is a very high standard salary presently.

Industrial Engineer

The job description of an Industrial engineer is vital in making a product.

Industrial engineers organize policies that help in combining workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product in energy companies.

It’s on the list of best-paying jobs currently as you get to earn a reasonable salary of $88,950 yearly as an Industrial engineer.

Materials Engineering

Metals, ceramics, plastics, concrete, and other materials are majorly created by a Material Engineer.

In every home, the creation of a Material Engineer is present. It is either you have plastics, ceramics, or other metallic objects.

They also advise on the quality of material to be used in the production of products and oversee matters concerning quality.

Materials Engineers earn an annual salary of $76,980.

Site Assessor

This is a vital job in energy. It is required for a Site Assessor to have a Bachelor’s degree in this field.

Site assessors as the name suggests are responsible for assessing environmental works or projects for use.

There are certain skills needed for doing the job of a Site Engineer. Skills like communication skills, leadership skills, and planning ability.

You could get an average pay as a Site Engineer for $1,208 weekly and $62,829 annually. This makes it one of the best paying jobs


You need to be knowledgeable in chemistry to be a chemist.

They are responsible for developing and upgrading lab tests for industries. They study chemicals and it’s reactions in the air, water, and the earth.

They help in discovering chemical treatments that can be used in water, air, and the earth.

The average salary of a chemist is over $83,850 annually which is also among the best-paying jobs.


It is interesting working as a geoscientist. It is quite challenging too as you get to work long hours on sites.

Weather conditions can be challenging for a Geoscientist if there is rainfall, scorching sun, extremely cold weather, etc. A geoscientist studies the physical aspect of the earth. They study climate change and give data analysis on them.

As a geoscientist, you could earn a rewarding salary of $92040 per year making it one of the best paying jobs.

Solar Energy Technicians

With the rate of increase in the use of solar, the demand for solar energy technicians is on the rise.

With an average salary of $52,559 annually it is one of the best paying jobs you could get.

The job of a solar energy technician is to maintain and discover issues that affect the solar energy system.

They also assemble and install solar panels on commercial buildings, homes, schools, and many other buildings.

Solar Project Developer

The job of a solar project developer is not the same as the job of a solar energy technician. While a solar energy technician maintains solar panels solar project developers develop solar panels for their clients.

They assess sites needed for creating solar panels. They manage solar projects from start to finish.

You can earn as high as $104,500 annually. It is one of the best-paying jobs in energy.

Wind Farm Site Manager

As a wind farm site manager, you have to be skillful in managing the staff of a wind farm.

It is one of the best-paying jobs in energy. You are to ensure that the equipment used on the wind farm is generating the necessary energy needed. Th

The regular salary for a wind farm site manager is $110,630 per year.

Environmental Technician

It is one of the best-paying jobs currently. With the increase of pollution globally, Environmental Technician is on standby for creating solutions.

Critical thinking and analytical skills are needed in becoming an environmental technician. They perform tests in laboratories to discover sources of pollution.

A typical salary of an Environmental Technician is $50,620.

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Project Manager

In energy jobs, the job of a project manager is highly essential.

They are responsible for the planning, directing, and organizing of energy projects and so on. It is one of the best paying jobs as you could earn a reasonable amount at $66,000 yearly.

Solar PV Installer

You’ve got to have stamina and physical strength to be a solar PV installer. That is why it is one of the best-paying jobs in energy.

They assess applicable areas for solar panels installation. They work on rooftops and other structures in alliance with the project style.


We have come to the end of our 17 best-paying jobs in energy for graduates and we hope it was helpful to you, if it was please share across your social media pages.

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