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Top 10 Jobs For Doctors Without USMLE

Doctors who do not have the United State Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) can actually still work. There are different jobs they can take and earn a good living. In this article, we shall be sharing top Jobs for Doctors without USMLE.

In recent times, lack of the residential permit has been seen as a serious barrier but not anymore because, there are so many alternative to it at the moment as regards what jobs you can do without the mandatory USMLE.

This is why here at newbalancejobs, we have decided to make a top list of those jobs you can take or venture into despite not possessing the mandatory license and residential permit.

To get the best out of this article, we encourage you to read to the very end to get all the information you need that brought you here today. Keep reading.

What is USMLE?

The full meaning of the abbreviation USMLE is United States Medical Licensing Examination. This is an exam that is set up by the United States of America as a validation process to license all medical practitioners who are either citizens of America or foreigners.

Every year, the USMLE is taken to sign many medical practitioners up to be able to practice medicine in different fields of the health sector. This is why many are seeking for ways to have it to be able to work but if due to one challenge or the other, you are not able to have it, there are still jobs for you.

Can Doctors Without USMLE Get Jobs In USA?

Yes they can but what the lack an USMLE does to them is that it robs them of residency permits and this is why we have come up with this post to list out certain jobs for those without USMLE can take. This list will help guide you on what kinds of jobs to apply for within the united States of America shores.

Top 10 Jobs For Doctors Without USMLE

Her are about ten (10) jobs for medical doctors without USMLE in recent times. Check out the list below.

  • Medical Writing
  • Medical Spa
  • Epidemiologist
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Teaching/Tutoring
  • Genetics Counsellor
  • Pharmaceutical Research
  • Urgent Care
  • Program Director
  • Administrator and Clinical Director
  • Clinical Quality Specialist
  • Clinical Trial Coordinator
  • Performance Improvement Consultant
  • EHR Training Specialist

All the above jobs actually needs your expertise in each designated field. So, to thrive in each, ensure you are skillfully qualified to be in the fields above. Each job is classy in its own way and hence deserves deliberate attempts for world saving initiatives from you as well. So, venture into them with a mind focused on excellence.


To wrap it all up, without a USMLE, a medical practitioner can actually land a job in the medical sector even though there will be a limitation of residency permit and others. With this article, we hope that you have been able to understand that there are jobs for medical practitioners without USMLE in the United states of America after all.