Jobs For Baby Boomers After Retirement
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List Of Jobs For Baby Boomers After Retirement

A lot of millennials may have less knowledge about baby boomers but in this article, we shall talk about them and the Jobs Baby boomers can take after retirement.

Who are Baby Boomers?

They are people born between the years 1946 and 1964 during post-world-war II. If you are wondering why people born in those years mentioned above are called baby boomers or generation X, here is the answer; they are called that because they were those born when there was a boom in birth rates after world war II.

After world war II, lots of fathers who survived the war returned home and then started their families once more, and hence there was a high rate of birth that period.

High paying jobs and salaries for Baby Boomer

Baby boomers can actually still work after retirement and as a matter of fact earn well. This is why we are making a list of jobs they can land to earn well on a weekly or monthly basis after retirement.

  • Chief Medical Officer( $300,700.)
  • General Surgeon ($285,900)
  • Physician/Doctor, Emergency Room ($253,900)
  • Psychiatrist ($215,200)
  • Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing ($208,500)
  • President and CEO ($183,200)
  • Dentist ($165,600)

Chief Medical Officer

Landing a job position such as this as a generation X would help those in that category earn well. A whopping $300,700 is good income to live by in the U.S on a monthly basis after retirement.

General surgeon

As a general surgeon, a retired X generation can earn up to $253,900 roughly. If you are in the medical field and blend by qualification to this job offer, go ahead and apply.

Physician/Doctor, Emergency Room

As a person in the generation X circle, you can actually land a job in this field if you are qualified and stand a chance of earning $253,900.


As a generation X, you can actually fit in to be a psychiatrist if you are professionally inclined. You can earn up to $215,200. That is a good pay for a retired baby boomer.

Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing

This job position involves taking care of administrative matters or sales and marketing. A retired baby boomer can stand a chance if qualified. Are you a generation X? Go for offers in this regard and earn up to $208,500.

President and CEO

A generation X can actually be the President and CEO of any company or organization where they are qualified to be appointed or selected. This job position has a potential salary rate of about $183,200.


If you are a baby boomer and has experience in teeth treatments of all kinds professionally, then you stand a chance to land jobs in this regard and can earn $165,600 as salary.