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Job search mistakes you are making

Are you desperate to find a job? Don’t you know why you can’t get the job? To solve these questions, you have to know the most common mistakes we make when looking for work and not make them again.

For this reason, we will give you a list where you can see the most common mistakes that candidates make when looking for work:

Send CV to all job offers

If it is true that when you have been out of work for a long time you start throwing your CV on all job offers, perhaps out of desperation, perhaps out of trying your luck. whatever it is, it is something you should avoid. Just because you send your CV to every job does not mean that you are going to get that job. You have to meet, at least, 60% of the requirements that are demanded, and if you meet 100% of the conditions, you will know that you have a good chance of accessing that job.


This is the most common mistake par excellence, the most committed by all job seekers. You should never lie in any aspect of your CV, either in the experience, or in your training. they can put you to the test of all your skills and abilities, or find out if that experience you say you have exists, and if they verify that you are By lying you will be much worse, in addition to having much more difficult to get a job in that company.

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If you lie because you do not have experience, and you think that they will not consider you for the candidacy, do not worry. You should not fool anyone, everyone has always had their first job, and you can also take advantage of other skills of yours so that you can write a good CV without experience.

Misuse of the CV

Remember that a well-written and synthesized resume will open up many job options for you. For this you have to take into account the spelling, order, clarity. Do not forget the keys that we gave you so that you have a perfect CV.

Misuse of cover letters

Presentation, recommendation or motivation letters can be great allies of our CV, but as long as they are correctly written. It should never be a repetition of your CV, nor should it be an enumerative list of your training or work experience. They must have a direct style, with an extension of no more than two faces, and with truthful and valid information for the specific job offer. We refresh your memory with our cover letter templates.

Show no interest. Interest can be shown in different ways throughout the entire selection process. If you are really interested in getting that job, you will have to prove it and make it clear throughout that process. The interest begins by filling in the forms with questions when you sign up for the job offer, the answers must be coherent and logical, always making clear your inclination for the job. You also have to have a positive attitude during the interview, the recruiter has to see at all times that you would like to access this job that they are offering.

Acting arrogant

You have to be as simple as possible, if you are one of those who has a very high ego, and you think that you can do everything, or that there is nothing else you can learn, you are very wrong, and you should change that attitude if you want to get a job .

Not adequately preparing

Not preparing for the job interview is another of the most common mistakes. The job interview can be in two ways: group or individual. It depends on the company, you will have to do both or just one of them. Your nerves can play tricks on you during the job interview, so it’s best to leave them at home.

You have to show that you are the candidate they are looking for and that you meet all the requirements that the position demands. It is very important that you inform yourself about the company you want to enter, since this will show interest in getting that job. If you are going to conduct a group interview, it will be very useful to remember the group dynamics in the interview. If, on the other hand, you are going to carry out an individual interview, you have to take into account our article on how to behave during the job interview.

Neglecting your profile on social networks

It is very important that you be very careful with the photographs that you upload to your social network profiles (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) remember that on the Internet you can see everything, and many recruiters verify that there is a good image on the network of both their employees, as of those who are going to be.

Avoid having photos with alcoholic beverages, at parties. in general, photographs that could lead to a bad work situation. Create an additional professional profile and make it public, this will allow you to “sell” yourself on the internet in an appropriate way.

Do not take into account the network of contacts

Leaving aside the portals that have a network of contacts can be another of the most common mistakes when looking for work. Depending on the type of job you are looking for, you can get a job through this type of personal or family relationship.

High expectations without patience

Losing your patience and “throwing in the towel” is one of the most common mistakes when looking for work. You must bear in mind that it is a process that can be very long, so it is essential that you have a lot of patience, sooner or later you will find your ideal job, and for this you may have to go through other jobs that are not suitable for you. profile, but that will help you gain work experience.

If you have very high search expectations, you will end up frustrated since most of the time, unfortunately, they tend to start with positions lower in rank than you are capable of. You also have to take into account the conditions of the country, you already know that Spain is still going through an economic crisis, and if one of your expectations is to have a high salary or above your professional category, they will close the doors in many companies. This does not mean that you have to accept extremely low salaries, you will have to be realistic and take various aspects into account.

If you think you still need more information, you should check out our previous article on most common interview questions to prepare yourself adequately for that interview.

Now you really have everything you need to start your job search successfully. Good luck!