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Is CareerBuilder free for job seekers?

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You might be wondering how CareerBuilder can assist you or if CareerBuilder is legit, whether you’re an employer or a job seeker.

I will go over the platform’s primary features, pricing, and more. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether the company’s service is appropriate for your applicant or job hunt.

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What is the purpose of CareerBuilder? 

CareerBuilder is a legit website that matches job seekers with their ideal position. CareerBuilder gives job seekers access to one of the giant online job boards, as well as visibility to recruiters seeking new hires.

A pay comparison tool and other reference materials are among the many options available to job seekers on the site.

CareerBuilder is a source of millions of qualified applicants actively seeking work for recruiters and employers.

Employers can use CareerBuilder to find qualified candidates. 

Employers may use CareerBuilder to post positions, search for and communicate with candidates, and much more. 

Is CareerBuilder free for job seekers?

Unfortunately No, CareerBuilder is not free for job seekers as there are charges attached to their services.

Features for employers to help them build a career

  1. These CareerBuilder features are available to employers: 
  2. A candidate database with over 82 million resumes that may be searched. 
  3. Insight into each candidate’s background that extends beyond their CV 
  4. Artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted job description authoring 
  5. Users may manage the hiring process and communicate with candidates via a dashboard. 
  6. The ability to organize candidates by creating lists

Job Seekers: CareerBuilder 

  1. You can publish your resume on CareerBuilder and search for and apply for jobs. Here are a few of the crucial features that you can take advantage of: 
  2. With only one click, you can apply to 25+ jobs. 
  3. You can manage your job search from anywhere using a mobile app.
  4. Job alert notifications so you can move fast on new possibilities 
  5. Salary comparison tools to help you figure out if you’re getting a fair wage. 
  6. Articles on learning to help you advance in your career

What is the cost of posting a job on CareerBuilder? 

The fee of a job advertising on CareerBuilder can be paid in various ways. You can pay by the job, which is the most expensive option.

Also, the question of “is career holders legit” can be laid to rest because it is very legit.

CareerBuilder also provides monthly and annual subscriptions that are more cost-efficient if you post more jobs or want a more economical plan.

Reviews on job postings on CareerBuilder 

Candidates and recruiters have conflicting feelings about the site, as with any vast job board. They are also curious to know if CareerBuilder is legit. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing CareerBuilder to find or advertise a job. 

On the plus side, reviewers claim that CareerBuilder has many active job postings. Some users claim that the site has helped them identify qualified applicants or helped them get jobs.

On the other hand, some reviewers are unhappy with how their personal contact information and data are handled once they provide it to the site.

Some applicants received spam emails and phone calls. Reviewers claim that a fraction of the jobs on the website is bogus, as is the case with many other job sites.

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What is the best way to submit a job on CareerBuilder? 

Go to their section for employers

Go to Post a Job after clicking on For Employers in the upper right corner. This will send you to a website that explains their pricing and terms in full.

Choose a pricing strategy

CareerBuilder does not offer a free trial for employers, yet they provide a free sample. You must select a price plan before you can post your task.

Prices range from a one-time purchase to a monthly or annual subscription. You’ll have access to blank job listings to fill out and post once you’ve paid. 

Create a job posting

Complete all required fields and submit your application. You’re now ready to accept applications from qualified applicants!

Using Workable to post to CareerBuilder 

If you’re a recruiter or member of the HR team that needs to post jobs on various job sites, the notion of going through and publishing on each one individually can be daunting.

Using our seamless CareerBuilder interface, you can save time and energy with Workable. 

Workable can submit your position to up to 200 major job boards simultaneously, with no difficulty.

Workable can sift and prioritize your candidates after you start receiving responses to your job posting, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

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As earlier discussed, CareerBuilder gives job seekers access to one of the giant online job boards, as well as visibility to recruiters seeking new hires.

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