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International Tax Accountant Salary, Job Description, and More

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A tax accountant, sometimes known as a tax CPA, is a financial expert tasked with assisting people and corporations in adequately filing their taxes while adhering to the law and earning the highest tax return.

They are responsible for gathering tax documents, keeping track of client documentation, looking for potential tax credits, and generating tax reports.

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What Does a Tax Accountant Do?

Tax accountants may work for accounting firms, large corporations’ accounting divisions, or as a small business’s financial team member.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that their clients submit their taxes correctly to avoid penalties.

They handle complicated tax paperwork and government procedures, properly recording business activity to simplify preparing yearly tax returns.

Tax accountants examine business records to find errors and obtain any missing documentation.

They organize their client’s tax budgets and produce a timetable for tax payments.

Tax accountants can also work as consultants and supervisors, advising businesses on reducing their tax obligations.

They stay informed about prospective tax liabilities in their industry and conduct study on tax regulations.

International Tax Accountant Job Duties

  • Maintain a company’s tax database and prepare tax provisions schedules, returns, payments, and reports.
  • Find tax solutions for challenging tax problems or mistakes caused by incorrect tax filings.
  • Determine legal tax savings and make suggestions to increase profits
  • Ensure that customers adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local tax regulations.
  • Inform management of any new tax laws, corporate strategies, or the impact of tax liabilities.
  • Organize the work of outsourcing tax preparation
  • Prepare your quarterly and annual tax returns accurately.
  • Collaborating with clients’ financial advisors to maximize their assets through tax planning
  • Calculating estimated payments and refunds for federal and state income taxes
  • Completing tax forms and submitting them to the correct taxing authorities

International Tax Accountant Salary 

A tax accountant’s salary may differ based on their level of education, several years of experience, and kind of employer.

Tax accountants in the corporate sector often make more money than their counterparts in other sectors.

  • Median Annual Salary: $82,500 ($39.66/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $153,000 ($73.56/hour)

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International Tax Accountant Job Requirements

You’ll probably need the following to become an international tax accountant:

Training & Experience

In the initial few months of employment, international tax accountants often receive on-the-job training.

They can learn the specific policies and practices of the business thanks to this training.

Additionally, it aids in their familiarization with the demands of the business’s clients.

Certifications & Licenses

International tax accountant qualifications are not required for the work, but they can make you a more attractive candidate when you apply for jobs.


Most businesses want a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or a related discipline from international tax accountants.

A master’s degree in accounting or business administration with a focus on accounting is preferred by some businesses.

Accounting, business law, economics, finance, management, and taxation are relevant courses.

International Tax Accountant Skills

The following abilities are necessary for success for international tax accountants:

Communication Skills

Tax accountants frequently interact with persons from various racial and geographic backgrounds, making communication skills necessary.

They can interpret information from clients and coworkers and deliver knowledge to them using practical communication skills.

Attention to Detail

Being detail-oriented means being able to spot little adjustments and mistakes.

It’s critical to spot any errors or discrepancies because you might need to evaluate a lot of data as an international tax accountant.

This can assist you in making sure your business is paying the appropriate amount of taxes.

Tax Knowledge

Understanding the intricate laws and rules that govern international tax requires tax knowledge.

This includes understanding how other countries’ tax systems operate, how to use them, and how to evaluate the data they produce.

Problem-Solving Skills

For tax accountants, problem-solving abilities are crucial because they frequently deal with complex financial data.

This can involve figuring up ways to deal with changes in tax legislation, lowering tax obligations, and ensuring that tax regulations are followed.

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An international tax accountant’s career can be very fulfilling.

It provides the chance to engage with a range of clients and businesses while guiding them through the complex tax regulations that are in place in various nations.

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