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In-Demand Jobs: 20 Best Jobs in the Air Force

Jobs in the Air Force: Being in the Air Force as a profession is an incredible experience that gives you tons of job opportunities.

It also offers advancements in numerous fields, including aeronautics and aerospace engineering. 

If you’re considering joining the Air Force, you should know that specific jobs are more highly sought after than others.

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Each of these in-demand jobs gives its workers excellent job security. Hence, some even have guarantees against downsizing, good pay, and outstanding benefits like retirement packages and health insurance.

Here are twenty of the best Air Force jobs around, and they are also open now, so we encourage you to apply if interested.

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20 Best Jobs in the Air Force

1. Security Engineer

Air force security engineers protect national security by ensuring that classified information, facilities, and personnel are protected from espionage, sabotage, and terrorism.

The salary of an air force security engineer ranges from $51,720 to $121,600 annually.

In addition, candidates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or computer science have an advantage over those with only a high school diploma.

2. Physician

Physicians are one of the most essential members of any military organization. They provide medical care for all service members, from routine checkups to major surgeries.

The salary ranges depending on the doctor’s specialty and where they work. Still, the average physician’s salary is $173k per year.

3. Pilot

Air Force pilots fly many of the military’s aircraft and helicopters, including reconnaissance planes, cargo planes, and drones. 

Pilots also transport people and supplies to areas where they are needed.

The salary for an air force pilot can vary based on experience level, and still, the median salary is around $83,000 a year.

4. Biomedical Equipment Technician

While not as well-known as other military jobs, biomedical equipment technicians are vital to our armed forces.

They also ensure that medical equipment, such as surgical and diagnostic imaging, functions correctly and safely.

The salary for this position ranges from $47,000 to $72,000 per year, depending on the technician’s skill level.

Additionally, an associate’s degree or certificate is required for entry-level positions.

5. Flight Engineer

The aviation industry is growing, and so is the need for qualified flight engineers.

As a flight engineer, you are responsible for engineering duties during the takeoff and landing phases of the flight and supervising engine maintenance.

The salary range for this position ranges from $60,000 to $120,000 per year. In addition, military personnel who have completed an apprenticeship can retire at age 60 with 20 years of service.

6. Paralegal

The Armed Forces always look for talented, dedicated, and motivated individuals to fill their ranks.

Suppose you want to make a difference by joining a prestigious military service. In that case, the Army Paralegal is perfect for you. 

Moreover, as an Army Paralegal, you’ll provide legal advice and assistance concerning all contract administration and law enforcement matters.

Additionally, the salary ranges from $44,000-$100,000, depending on experience and qualifications. 

Also, you’ll have access to many benefits, such as relocation expenses, life insurance, health care coverage, and much more in this position. 

7. Intelligence Analyst

An intelligence analyst is a member of the air force military who gathers and analyzes information. This includes time and geographical patterns to help determine potential threats to national security.

The salary for this position starts at $50,000, with an average yearly pay of $74,000.

8. Financial Management Analyst

A Financial Management Analyst is a finance team member whose primary responsibility is to analyze and monitor financial data.

Moreover, as a Financial Management Analyst, you’ll identify, analyze, and correct problems before negatively impacting the organization.

This position offers from $50,000 to $82,500 per year. You must have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience for this position.

9.  Aircraft Maintenance Officers

The Aircraft Maintenance Officer manages and performs maintenance on aircraft. They repair, troubleshoot, and overhaul aircraft systems. 

The Aircraft Maintenance Officer also maintains preventive maintenance programs to ensure airframes are safe for flight at all times. The salary for this position is $68,310 – $101,228 per year. 

This job includes six months of technical training, two years of on-the-job experience, or two years of related experience. It also includes an additional four months of specialized training.

10. Security Forces

The job of a Security Forces specialist is to protect our country and its assets. They patrol, monitor, and inspect for safety violations, fire hazards, and other risks. 

They also provide security for people, places, and things deemed vital to a country. The salary ranges from $25,000 – $48,000 per year.

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11. Air Traffic Control

The Air Traffic Control Specialist (ATCS) monitors and directs all civilian and military aircraft flying through particular airspace. 

They also have to monitor each plane’s altitude, speed, direction of flight, and position at all times. The salary ranges from $70k-$140k, depending on level and experience.

12. Health and Safety Manager

This position primarily focuses on maintaining a safe and healthy environment for all personnel. 

Hence, the Health and Safety Manager will ensure that safety measures are taken before, during, and after every flight.

The salary of a Health and Safety Manager starts at $59,000 with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

13. Cyber Ops

Cyber Operations are where you protect networks, data, and infrastructures from intrusion and attack.

You will also use your programming, information security, and computer systems knowledge to uncover and neutralize cyber threats.

The salary for this position starts at $35,000 per year and can go up to $124,000 per year.

14. Engineering

The Air Force offers various engineering jobs for those interested in science and technology. From data scientists to aerospace engineers, there are plenty of options available. 

Other military branches also offer engineering positions, such as the Army Corps of Engineers and the Navy Civil Engineer Corps.

The salary can vary depending on your rank, but most start at around $75,000 yearly, with a promotion after two years. 

15. Coding/IT Software

Coding and IT software are two of the most in-demand jobs in the air force.

In addition to these jobs being in demand, they also are challenging and engaging and offer many career opportunities as more technology is developed.

The salary for this job ranges from $42,000 to $122,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

16. Avionics

Aircraft require various systems and equipment, and avionics professionals to design, manufacture, test, and maintain these systems.

In addition to aircraft, avionics can also be found in missiles and spacecraft.

The salary for an entry-level avionics technician starts at $38,000 annually, with an average annual salary of $66,000. 

In addition, Avionics technicians have opportunities for promotion into managerial positions, which could increase their salaries even more.

17. Meteorology/Atmospheric Science

Meteorologists and atmospheric scientists study Earth’s atmosphere, weather patterns, and climate systems.

Their work can also be applied to various fields, including aviation safety, public health, natural resource management, and engineering design.

The salary for this position is up to $100,000 per year, depending on the experience and education level.

However, to enter this field, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in meteorology or atmospheric science from an accredited university.

18. Research and Development (R&D) Section

The R&D section of the air force is responsible for designing and producing high-tech equipment for detecting, identifying, and countering threats. The salary for this position varies depending on the research you’re conducting. 

Entry-level pay starts at $40,000 per year with a bachelor’s degree or $65,000 per year with a graduate degree.

19. Public Affairs Section

The public affairs section of the air force is responsible for communicating news and information to the general public and military and government personnel.

This includes press releases, social media posts, interviews, and media relations.

The salary for this position starts at $36,000 per year for an E-1 with no experience. 

An officer with five years of experience can earn as much as $76,000 annually.

20. Aircraft Loadmaster

An Aircraft Loadmaster is an enlisted person who ensures cargo and passengers are adequately placed on the aircraft for takeoff. 

The Aircraft Loadmaster also supervises and assists with the loading and unloading cargo, baggage, and other materials or personnel to maintain operations.

The salary varies depending on experience but ranges from $36,000 – $57,000 per year. 

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There are many great jobs in the air force; this list is just a sampling. Suppose you’re interested in becoming a pilot, an intelligence analyst, or a physician.

In that case, these are some of the best jobs in the air force that will help you succeed.