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IKEA Stock: Can You Buy IKEA Shares & Will They Go Public?

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IKEA is an outstanding line of retail stores that specializes in high-end goods for furnishing the home ad at a price that can be easily afforded by the customers. IKEA has stores all around the world, and its worth is currently valued at more than $58.7 billion!

However, you may want to be sure if  IKEA is currently trading on the stock around and if perhaps it has any plans to go public c. From this article, you will find out more about what you need to know.

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Is IKEA On The Stock Market In 2022?

IKEA is an international group of companies that are privately owned by the stitching INGKA foundation. It is located in Sweden. It sells ready-made furniture and home appliances.

As of 2022, the company is not trading on any stock exchange and it’s not going public anytime soon. The INGKA Foundation was founded by the founder of IKEA

Has IKEA Ever Been On The Stock Market Before?

All the stock in IKEA is handled by the INGKA Foundation. Consequently, IKEA has never traded publicly on the stock market.

INGKA Foundation is owned by the Kamprad family which is many generations ago.  Hence, it is uncertain whether IKEA will in future enter the stock market.

What Is INGKA, And How Is Its Corporate Structure Made Up?

INGKA is the company that gave birth to IKEA. It is based in The Netherlands and as aof2018, this company control about 367 stores of 442 IKEA. The company is fully owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation.

The INGKA Foundation primarily functions to hold the IKEA company tight. It was founded in 1982 by Ingvar Kamprad the founder of IKEA in 1943

A great number of the INGKA board are made up of the family of Ingvar Kamprad. Moreover, the INGKA board implemented anti-takeover protection that is used to protect the IKEA company from being hijacked by other great companies.

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Can You Buy IKEA Shares?

With the presence of apps like eToro, Robinhood, and Acorns, buying shares in the stock market has become much easier in recent years.  It allows practically everyone who wishes to buy a hare to enter the stock market with less stress.

However,  IKEA is a cooperate private company, it is not advisable to buy any size of shares in the IKEA company. Aside from that, the company is entirely managed y the INGKA Foundation, which protects the company from being sold, neither is the shares allowed to be available in the stock market.

Are There Any Competitors To IKEA That Are On The Stock Market?

Because IKEA is not trading massively in the stock market, those who should have been their great competitors, look forward to their closest competitors for a profitable venture.

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Few of IKEA’s closest competitors that trade on the stock market are:

One Of the most popular and effective is Amazon. Amazon specializes in selling almost everything you can think of, and at good profitable prices, which makes them a remarkably successful company.

Amazon shares can be bought in the stock market, but they may cost quite a great amount.

Just like Amazon, Walmart sells different categories of goods, both offline and online, including home appliances, which is what IKEA’s major market is based.

Also, Walmart sells its products at highly favourable prices, which makes them easily affordable, and hence successful.

Wayfair is another online store that is specialized in home furnishing and adornments.

They get their products from a great number of suppliers all over the country, making it a considerable place for the customer to purchase all kinds of furniture. Wayfair trades on the stock market and it’s profitable for investment.

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Since the IKEA company was tarted fully in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has not entered the stock market for the public to trade in nor is it available to buy shares. This is because the company is managed by the INGKA foundation which was established for that.

The INGKA Foundation protects IKEA from the contentious hijacking of the company. That means that the company will remain under the management of the Stichting INGKA Foundation.

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