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How to Write an Award Nomination Examples

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A nomination for an award or recognition that honors the individual, an organization, or a community is known as an Award Nomination example/letter.

Writing a strong nomination letter is an important aspect of the nomination process since it helps the letter recipient understand who is being recommended and why.

Writing a professional and informative nomination letter starts with understanding the writing process.

We would explain what a nomination letter is, why you would want to write one, how to write one, and provide a template and example for reference in this post.

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What Is a Nomination Letter?

A nomination letter is an official document that endorses or recommends someone for a new position, prize, boost in pay, award, or honor.

The subject’s contributions or eligibility for the suggested prize and who is sponsoring them are frequently included in nomination letters.

Writing a decent nomination letter takes time and effort, and a well-written, well-organized nomination letter may boost the likelihood of a successful nomination.


There are many different types of awards, ranging from public contributions to company-specific awards.

When you nominate someone for an award, you indicate that you admire their contributions to their community, workplace, or craft. Among the awards that can be given are:

  • Monetary recompense
  • Trophies
  • Achievement certificates
  • Reputation in the industry
  • Scholarships

A person’s contributions are recognized and rewarded with an award. For example, suppose a counselor develops a community outreach program that reduces the city’s homeless population by nearly 15% in the first year.

In that case, the city may award the counselor a community service award and a monetary grant for the program.

How to Write a Letter of Nomination

The following are four steps to crafting a strong nomination letter:

1. Use a Heading

A header is usually used in letters to identify the sender and provide the reader with their contact information.

You can include your entire name, job title, and pertinent contact information, such as your phone number and email address.

2. Make a Brief Introduction

Draft an introductory paragraph when you’ve finished your header. In most cases, introductions are merely one paragraph long and feature four or five sentences.

Use a generic greeting such as “To whom it may concern” or mention the recipient by their full name in your greeting.

Then include the name of the person you’re writing about, the award or promotion they’re up for, and your supporting reasons.

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3. Compose the Letter’s Body

Several paragraphs in the body of the letter detail the individual’s efforts and your reasons for nominating them.

You can discuss their character attributes, like honesty or passion, and their professional skills, such as graphic design or writing.

It’s critical to highlight the nominee’s best attributes so that the reader can see why they’re a good fit for the award.

4. Write a Concise Summary

You can briefly outline each of the letter’s main topics in your summary. To share the nominee’s special abilities or contributions, you can write a full paragraph or utilize a bulleted list.

You can also explain why you believe your nomination is the best candidate. A closing salutation and a personal signature are usually included in a summary.

Example of a Nomination Letter

For reference, here is an example of an Award nomination letter:

Phoebe Beverly
Delta State and Community Resources City
[email protected] 23, 04, 2022
Mr. Desmond,

I’m writing to nominate Chukwuma Precious for the Excellence in Community Service (EICS) award, and it’s with great pleasure that I do so.

Precious is the finest candidate for the EICS award, in my opinion, because he exemplifies our company’s principles of humanitarianism, honesty, and public service.

Precious and I work together in the community outreach department. I believe he is a good contender for the EICS award because of his unwavering commitment to the company and the community.

Over the last year, Precious has effectively raised the resources available to our community outreach program by over 20%.

He routinely volunteers in the community in his spare time to strengthen our organization’s links with the local community and its resources.

Precious also encourages the people he works with, including myself, to commit to personal development and community service.

Precious’s continual effort to inspire and drive all of us, I feel, is responsible for many of my accomplishments in this organization.

Last year’s food drive is an excellent illustration of Precious’ commitment to the community.

He not only organized the event but also assisted in the recruitment of three new sponsors, conducted outreach to more than 20 local schools, and personally assisted in the distribution of food to local food banks.

This, in my opinion, is an excellent example of what our organization is capable of.

Precious has a wide range of abilities, and he continues to astonish me with skills and characteristics such as Passion, Humility, Charisma, and Honesty.

Precious’ candidacy for the EICS award has my full support, and I feel his community and company efforts make him the greatest candidate for the honor.

I hope you will consider my nomination and that I have properly demonstrated Precious’ qualities and accomplishments. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Phoebe Beverly

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