Tips on How to Score Above 75% on the NASIMS Npower Test

Tips on How to Score Above 75% on the NASIMS Npower Test

Taking the NASIMS Npower Batch C Test is no longer the challenge rather scoring higher than other applicants is. Scoring above 75% gives you an edge over other applicants.

In this article, we will be showing you some tips on how to Score Above 75% on the NASIMS N-power Batch C test.

Before we continue, please be informed that as a Npower Batch C beneficiary you are expected to write a test after you must have updated your record on the NASIMS portal.

How To Score Above 75% on the NASIMS Npower Batch C Test

  • The first thing we encourage you to do is obtain your login details by recovering your password and updating your record on the nasims portal.
  • After that copy the unlocking NASIMS ID to unlock the Test portal.
  • Ensure your internet speed is fast. We really encourage you to do this around 12midnight to be safer.
  • Do not forget to stay positive during the process of the examination.
  • If you are ready with the things stated above, then you are good to write the test. Visit with your Nasims ID and password to start the test
  • Do not forget the Nasims Npower batch C test comprises 20 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. However, you have only 3 attempts after time out without submitting your test.
  • We encourage you to read the questions fast to avoid been logged out. Each applicant has 20minutes to answer 20 questions. You can click here to view a sample of the questions.
  • Please do not dwell on a particular question for so long. We advise you to skip or answer one that you think goes well with your instinct.

In Summary, the NASIMS test comparises of current affairs, quantitative reason, mathematics, sentance correction, etc.

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