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How to Post on Craigslist for Free

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From buying and selling to job postings and services, Craigslist is an online community to which you can likewise post free ordered advertisements. 

The basic configuration, area explicit ventures, and unknown channels for concealing your email address likewise make Craigslist secure and straightforward to utilize. 

Whether you’re selling a grown bicycle, promoting a forthcoming garage sale, or posting a job opening, Craigslist makes it simple to pass on your old merchandise and observe enrolled candidates.

Craigslist can be utilized as an instrument for your independent venture in numerous ways, such as making advertisements that advance and market your company or rethinking provisional labor. 

Also, the site can be utilized to offer excess or undesirable products for nothing, including merchandise like books or old PC gear. 

The promotion will show up in the highest point of the classifieds area from when you post it and stay there for seven days or until you decide to erase the posting physically.

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Steps to Post For Free On Craigslist 

Step 1: 

Explore the Craigslist website, and snap on the webpage for your city or town. Find “Post to Classifieds” on the left-hand side of the screen, and snap on it. A “pick type” of the characterized screen shows up.

Step 2:

Select “Available to be purchased” and click the ” Proceed ” button at the lower part of the page.

Step 3: 

On the “Pick class” page that next shows up, select the radio button named “free stuff.”

Please make a point to notice the mindfulness close to it, and don’t publicize needed advertisements, pets, special giveaways, or theoretical or advanced things.

Step 4:

Pick the fitting radio button assuming a page named “Pick the region nearest to you” loads.

Step 5: 

On the structure that next shows up, fill in the marks for “Posting Title” and, alternatively, “Explicit Region.”

Type your email address in the two boxes close to “Answer to.” Leave “Anonymize” checked to conceal your genuine email from possible spammers.

Step 6: 

Place a portrayal of your things in the text box marked “Posting Depiction.”

Whenever wanted, click on the “Add/Alter Pictures” button to show pictures of them.

It would be ideal for you to leave “acceptable for others to get in touch with you about different administrations, items, or business administrations” unrestrained to prepare for spam messages or undesirable contact.

Step 7: 

Survey the see of your promotion that appears. Pick by the same token “Proceed” to get done or “Alter Once more” to make changes. A page guiding you to check your email will stack.

Step 8: 

Peruse the directions on the page cautiously, then, at that point, browse your email to represent a message.

Open it, click the connection that shows up, and read the Craigslist expressions of arrangement. Click “Acknowledge the terms of purpose.”

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Step 9: 

Fill in the structure mentioning your telephone number, and pick whether your incline toward a voice or instant message.

After recovering it from your telephone, enter the code you are given, and select “Submit check code.” 

Step 10: 

Click the connection at the highest point of the screen to see your live promotion.

Select by the same token “Alter the Posting” or “Eliminate the Posting” from the following page that heaps.

A post that is erased can be reposted somewhere around 48 hours. However, it won’t return to the top.

How to Update The Posting Date In a Craigslist Advertisement 

Items you need include:

  • Your computer
  • Internet connection 

Assuming you have had an advertisement on Craigslist for some time, it could have dropped low on the rundown that watchers see.

Since the ads are separated by date, beginning with the latest, you can repost them to move them higher.

Ads will keep awake for 45 days before lapsing. There are a couple of ways you can update your posting.

From Your Email

Log in to the email account you registered in connection with your posting. 

Select the email sent to you with the original posting, the one that allows you to edit and add to your posting, and select “Delete.”

Select “Delete” once again when the email prompts your posting to come up.

Type in the Craigslist page where you originally made your posting for your area.

If you are unsure of your area, go to the Craigslist main page (See Resources) and find your area.

Click “Post to Classifieds” from the fundamental page of your area’s Craigslist. It is situated at the upper left of the page, under the Craigslist logo.

Select the sort of promotion and finish up the structure as you did before with your past advertisement and submit. 

You will get an email that permits you to get to your promotion. Open this email, select “Publish,” and your advertisement posts with the ongoing date.

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