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How to Get Retained After NYSC

how to get retained after NYSC

How to get retained after NYSC- You have to make the decision to be retained by considering if your current job description is in line with your career path and if the work environment is structured to ensure growth both personally and professionally.

In general, keeping a job is a decision that an employee must make first before anyone else.  However, this article will focus on trainees and NYSC members who are currently serving or training in organizations.

  NYSC has become the bane of many Nigerian graduates as well as a saving grace and a successful system for others.  Some Legion members waited until the eve of their exit from the outline (POP) to start thinking about what to do.  Others waited for one or two months.  While others have already planned everything from the start even before they left their campus for NYSC camp.

  Among the many young Nigerians who are subject to the scheme or who have passed out, it is not uncommon to hear questions like: “What will I do after serving the youth?” How long will it take me to get the job of my dreams? ”Will I even get a job at all?”  Etc. and so on.

  What should be a turning point for such young people – after so many years of difficult mobility through the country’s poorly equipped educational system – has gradually become a nightmare?

How to get retained after NYSC

Make sure your manager loves you

  This is a very important advice but it can easily be misinterpreted as an eye service.  Do the right thing at the right time.  Ensure that you do your best in any duty or responsibility assigned to you.  Be able to strike a balance between doing the right things that will make your manager like you and serve the eye or alert me.  It will be tragic if your boss realizes that you are only doing what you do to earn a favor from him.

Be Punctual

  Delay is usually a major issue for employers with the trainees.  It is also bad for the organization’s output and productivity.  Employees who are never on time and find excuses for absenteeism from time to time will find it difficult to earn points from their employees.  If there is an important need to be absent from work, I am sure that the business owner will be understanding and ready to allow your time.

Be professional and efficient

  Your status has changed and you are no longer a college student fed parents and lecturers.  You are an adult now expected to take responsibility for his actions or inaction.  What makes you stand out from the crowd is that you bring your business together.  Get a CV and cover letter professionally written and keep it close at hand Get an electronic copy as well (in your mail, cloud or phone).  You may not have to hire a book, you can write one on your own, after all there are a lot of samples online, but you have a professional review, to help debug or verify your presentation.  The first impression is important, you must declare your CV properly without being physically present to defend yourself.  If you need help with your CV or cover letter, you can visit for professional help.

  When asked to conduct an appropriate interview or presentation of work clothes, do not forget that you are confident.  Your profiles on social media can also be used to judge you.  Employers now take time to study a lead through their social media accounts.  They can easily discover your habits and have a good sense of who you are.  So be careful what you post on the internet for the world to see!

Upgrade and reinvent yourself

   Learning is always an ongoing process and as long as your mind works, use it better.  Many failed to get their dream jobs or gain business deals due to lack of willingness, poor planning and insufficient knowledge.

  Some ways to promote yourself can get a master’s degree, have been professionally accredited in a field you need, join a related body or association, and attend conferences, seminars, or events where prominent people and knowledge, with skill and development may have spoken (may  Turns out to be profitable later), subscribing to career magazines, blogs or websites online, attending job fairs, workshops, seminars, and training courses, improving your experience and networking with other professionals.  Some events can be attended for free, so take the opportunity to gain more exposure and there you can even meet potential employers one-on-one and apply in person.

Ensure that you are adding value to the organization

  Adding value is one of the biggest kept secrets in any organization.  No business owner wants to leave an employee who causes waves to the organization.  It is important as a trainer that they want to retain so that they can add value to the organization in which you train.

  Be the best in what you do, be creative and creative.  You must be in tune with the system, give your best, be responsible for what you hire for, come up with ideas that change your life and share them with the right people.  When it comes to making layoff decisions, and the company has to choose, the employer will retain the most productive employees.  Make sure you are one of them.

Develop A Good Work Relationship

  Developing a good working relationship in your workplace can be a little difficult.  In the part where you want to be “cool” with your colleagues, you may end up overestimating some of the things that might make them see you as fake.

  Be someone who is missing when you are not there.  Be known for the good things, smile a lot, be real, be friendly and friendly, joke around when the time to joke around, and be serious when the time is right for that too.  A good working relationship with your colleagues will be important when the organization wants to make a decision to keep you or not.

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