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How to Get a Human Resources Certificate

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Acquiring a certificate in human resources can help you advance in your profession; therefore, you should consider it.

The first step is to determine the type of program you desire.

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How to Obtain a Certificate in Human Resources

The certificate for human resources can be obtained from one of two methods. Continue reading

1. Getting a Human Resources credential at a university

Step 1:

 Fill out an application for the program. You must apply to attend, just like any other college program. Typical application requirements include:

  • High school transcripts and GPAs.
  • SAT scores (in some situations).
  • Biographical information.

Admission to most for-profit schools and community colleges is not difficult. In reality, several community colleges have open admissions practices, which means that nearly everyone who applies is accepted.

Step 2:

Register for the relevant courses. After you’ve applied and been accepted, you’ll need to register for classes.

The school should provide you with a clear plan outlining the classes you must take.

If you’re unsure what to do, your school should appoint you an advisor with whom you may discuss your concerns.

Step 3: 

Finish your coursework. When receiving a credential from a college, coursework is usually required. The program determines the number of semesters you’ll need to finish.

Some programs only require 18 to 27 hours of study time or 6 to 9 courses. On the other hand, others are closer to earning an associate’s degree.

You may be required to complete some coursework in person. However, depending on your University, you would complete the coursework online.

Even if you do it entirely online, you may be required to attend orientation or a few more in-person meetings at the campus.

Check with your program to see what marks you’ll need to graduate.

Step 4: 

Apply for graduation. After you’ve finished your studies, you’ll probably need to apply for graduation.

Essentially, you’re requesting confirmation from the school that you’ve completed the program.

You’ll almost certainly have to pay a fee as well. Visit the school’s website for information on that.

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2. Getting Certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute

Step 1

Select a certification exam to take. Depending on where you are in your career, the Human Resources Certification Institute provides a range of self-directed certification programs.

Rather than putting you through courses, this program focuses on certifying you based on your knowledge. Before you begin the certification process, you must choose one.

The majority of them necessitate a combination of HR experience and a degree. It’s preferable if the degrees are in human resources management, but it’s not required.

You can get this qualification soon after graduating from high school. Along with the test, you can purchase study materials.

A combination of experience and education is required for the Human Resources Professional.

If you have high school graduation, you’ll need four years of experience, two years if you have a bachelor’s degree, and one year of Human Resources experience if you have a master’s degree.

The Senior Human Resources Professional demands considerably more experience. If you have high school graduation, you’ll require 7 years of HR experience, 5 years if you have a bachelor’s, and 4 years if you have a master’s.

Step 2: 

Prepare for the exam that will grant you certification. This certification is essentially a test that you complete to demonstrate your understanding.

You’ll need to study for the exam before taking it. The HR Certification Institute provides both free and paid preparation materials.

If you want to save some money, you can package your test exam and study materials.

Step 3: 

Make an appointment for the exam. Prometric, the firm that proctors the exams, allows you to schedule the exam.

You’ll need to make an appointment with one of the many testing centers found in most large cities. You can look for a testing center on Prometric’s website.

Most weekdays are available for the exam if you make an appointment before the center fills up.

Step 4:

Take the examination. It would be best to arrive at least 15 minutes early at the test venue.

Bring identification from the government, such as a driver’s license or passport. You will take your test on a computer.

Keep in mind that you must place all of your items in a locker provided by the exam center.

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We wrote this article on how to get a human resource certificate to help those in need of guidance and clarity.

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