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How to deal with multiple internship offers

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Landing multiple internship offers is something to be thankful for… a generally excellent thing, given the present place of employment market.

You present your resume a couple of times, you cross your fingers and you get a proposition! Be that as it may, stand by a moment, a couple of days later you get another deal and afterwards another.

Maybe then freeze or go to more meetings when you’ve acknowledged elsewhere, it is ideal to react to each present in an opportune and expert way with the goal that you don’t cut off any ties in an industry you are still new in.

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Important factors to consider for multiple internship offers

Chances are if a business enjoyed you enough to give you a proposition this time around, they will be available to talk to you once more. Circling back to a sort, proficient email like one of the ones we have underneath (custom-made, obviously, to your particular circumstance) will build up the possibility that you are a level expert and somebody they will need to work with not to far off. A LinkedIn association is anything but an ill-conceived notion by the same token.

You are a hot item now. A few managers may give you a counter deal. On the off chance that this is something you are keen on, a follow-up is certainly worth composition.

How to Reject multiple internship offers

below outlined is a sample email on how to reject an offer.

Email Sample To Turn Down an Offer

Dear (Name of Person Who Made the Offer)

Much obliged to you for your time and proposition — I truly partook in the chance to meet with you and the remainder of the Xyz group.

I needed to tell you I as of late acknowledged another position. While I am very enthusiastic with regards to the work you are doing, the deal I acknowledged was at one more top decision of mine. I needed to tell you as before long as conceivable so this doesn’t meddle with your up-and-comer search.

I respect your organization, have associated with you on LinkedIn, what’s more, trust we can keep in contact! Much appreciated again for your time and for thinking about me as an up-and-comer.



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Email Sample: Inquiring About a Counter Offer

Dear (Name of Person Who Made the Offer)

Much thanks to you for your deal! I’m excited to have been chosen as a likely worker. I needed to tell you I as of late got another offer that I am likewise emphatically considering.

The positions are a little unique and I needed to check whether you’d be accessible to talk momentarily on the telephone with me today or tomorrow to examine a couple of residual inquiries I have about this job?

Much appreciated again for your time and interest.



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Email Sample: Turning Down an Offer Alternate

Dear (Name of Person Who Made the Offer)

Much thanks to you for your deal! I like you setting aside the effort to educate me more with regard to the organization. I’m a solid devotee to your main goal to… and desire to turn out to be straightforwardly associated with your work sooner or later.

Tragically right now I have acknowledged another proposition that I believe is a superior fit for the particular interests I am hoping to foster this summer. I trust this doesn’t meddle with your competitor search.

In case you are free anytime to get espresso or lunch, I couldn’t want anything more than to keep talking and ideally investigate the choice of reapplying later on. Much obliged to you again for your time and interest.



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