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How to Ask for a Raise from your Employer

How to Ask for a Raise
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 Knowing how to ask for a raise is a very normal part of getting a job, and if you avoid doing it because of the discomfort, you will likely give up a large sum of money – just to avoid a conversation that may be short for five minutes.

  Most people retract the idea of ​​asking their boss to raise wages.  If you do not work for a company that gives its employees regular annual salary increases and you are not ready for the upgrade, it may be the only way to get this increase that you know you deserve.

  First, know that it is perfectly acceptable to request an increase – this will not be the first time that your boss (or company) has faced such a request from an employee.  Some companies have structured procedures to increase employee rates, such as annually or roughly, on the employee’s anniversary date.  Other companies may not have a firm process and may focus on operations to the point where they get away with it.  Most company managers and employers want to take good care of their employees, and your reminder will probably be taken lightly.

  You’ve been killing it at your new job lately.  So, it is possible for a raise in salary soon, right?  Nada!.  Even if your manager realizes your accomplishments, he will likely not give you more money this way.  If you want an extra, you need to ask for one.  Here are some tips that will help you get the salary you deserve.

  When is the right time to request an pay raise?

  Before you ask for a promotion, higher salary, and a specific lift request, you have to be prepared to support why you deserve this money.  There are lots of bosses sure ready to help you make more money if you simply ask, because they will most likely recognize your value if you work hard.

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  However, you should always be ready to prove your worth in either case.  This is especially important if you work for a larger company where managers may have a lot of people on their team, and you can’t always tell all the details of your great job.

How To Ask For A Raise

First, know that it is normal to ask.

   Assuming your manager is fairly reasonable or has previous experience in managing people, he knows that it is normal for people to ask for an increase.  Unless you work in a really mixed place, it is understood that you are working for money. 

  Even if your manager does not ultimately declare yes, it is unlikely that you will harm your relationship by submitting the application, as long as you are not requesting an amount that is not entirely appropriate for the market for your business, and b) you have a proven track record of strong work.  It is unlikely that you would fall in your favor simply because you requested a review of your compensation.

Be patient

  This may seem like a little inconsistent with the advice above, but listen to us.  You can’t expect to get an increase each time you reach a new goal – and you can consume your manager with a question very soon.  Wait for one year mark when you are appointed or last promoted.

Make your case.

  Yes, you should ask – but you must also persuade.  If your company does not provide an annual review, ask your supervisor if you can make one.  Use this meeting to present the reasons that deserve an increase.  Determine your accomplishments throughout the year (yes, in an actual memo), indicate the ways in which you exceed the job description, and the most prominent projects you wish to implement in the future that also exceed your official duties.  If any of your projects generates additional revenue, be sure to note this – with specific numbers.  Remember that the decision to send more dollars on your way is not up to you.

Know what you want

  Be ambitious with what you want but also be reasonable, because you don’t want to lack credibility by asking for too much.  Make sure you set the minimum you will accept and persevere if you get no.

  Be resistant and prepared to fight your corner, but don’t overdo it, If the money you want is not available, be prepared to ask for additional benefits like a company car or increase your employer contribution could be your retirement system option or even flexible working hours.  An additional few days off is an option. You can also use the opportunity to explore other avenues you may benefit from.

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