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How to Ask a Stupid Question in an Interview without sounding foolish

  Nobody likes to ask a question and appear stupid.  This may embarrass you and make you appear incompetent.  However, in your career, you will inevitably encounter situations that require you to ask questions and take the risk of appearing stupid.

  This can be anything from asking for clarification at a meeting to asking your colleague to teach you something they are expected to know or something that is easy for others.  The weight of not knowing something becomes heavier the more you go up the company ladder, because the higher you are, the more people who expect you to be aware.

  However, some situations will require you to ask questions like these and thus you will need to master the art of asking seemingly stupid questions without seeming stupid.

How do you ask a stupid question?

  In your career, at various stages you may have to ask stupid questions.  As you climb up the ladder your task becomes more difficult and your ignorance can weigh heavily on you.  Even when you have real doubt, asking it can make you look stupid or stupid because you are expected to possess all the knowledge in the world.  Top labels usually expect this kind of perfection.  It also means that even if asking a specific question is really necessary, you must know how to frame it intelligently and excitedly.  Here are some simple tips and suggestions to help you ask questions that may actually be stupid but don’t appear this way to the listener:

  If you’ve ever been sitting through a job interview, chances are you’d like smart answers to the stupid questions that always seem to be asked.  In an interview, this means remembering that the interviewer is likely looking for someone who can solve problems, have good interpersonal skills, and an ability to get things done with good judgment and effectiveness.


  How to Ask a Stupid Question in an Interview without sounding foolish

·         Covering your stupidity with knowledge in another area:

  It is quite possible and human that after working together for years in a particular field, you may lack knowledge about other areas while still being the master of your primary field.  This happens frequently and people still do not know how to use the knowledge they have to hide their folly or ignorance.

  For example, if you have been marketing fashion clothing for several years, you may have extensive knowledge of fashion.  If someone comes to an inquiry regarding pressure valve marketing, you may run into a big problem.  This is because your marketing experience is in the field of fashion and you lack knowledge regarding technical things.  In such a scenario, when you have to ask questions or inquiries, you might start flaunting your knowledge and experience in the field of fashion.

·         Be Confident

  Oftentimes people fall easily because of your looks or looks.  They feel that what you look like is what you are.  Hence, appearing confident can help you in most situations.  A confident look is evident through clothing, grooming, gestures, tone, and attitude.  Make sure all of these are perfect.  Assume an upright posture and a confident tone when you speak.  Don’t stutter, hesitate, or appear nervous.  Maintain correct eye contact when talking to people.  Eye contact is the number one way to show people that you are sure of what you’re saying even when you are obviously asking a stupid question.

  Don’t bite your nails, rub your head, or do anything that appears tense or upset.  Confidence is the first key to success.  If you lack confidence, you cannot move forward even if you have all the right skills.

·         Do not openly disclose your ignorance:

  Many of us lack the correct knowledge in a particular field, yet there are a few who lack the ability to conceal their ignorance or folly.  While most of us can hide our lack of knowledge, there are some who don’t really know how to do it.  Showing your folly or lack of knowledge is an even greater degree of folly.  When you burst into asking stupid questions you are caught being the real idiot.  On every possible occasion, try to hide your clumsiness by speaking wisely and listening attentively.

·         Start with what you already know

  Assuming you did some prior research or clarify at least part of the answer on your own, you should now have a vague idea of ​​the specific information you are looking for.  You might not be sure how to code an entire website, but you know at least your company uses PHP – so use that to frame your question.  Instead of asking the programmer “Ah, what’s all this nonsense?”  You can ask, “I’m vaguely familiar with PHP, but can you explain elements of the new site feature in layman’s terms?”

  Even if you took a guess that turned out not quite right, you’ll still be more prepared than if you stared blankly.  When you lay the groundwork with a little prior knowledge, you’ll make it easier for your goal to explain to you exactly what you need to know – while avoiding the extraneous (obvious) details that aren’t really necessary.

·         Ask for feedback (if you must).

  Asking for comments is a double-edged sword as you could find yourself right or wrong.  Instead of making it an either / or suggestion, make it about advice.

  Say something like, “So in framing this argument, I can say … does this sound like a good approach to you?”  Or, “The three factors that you mentioned as reasons for this situation are …. Did you get it right?”  It’s not always a good idea to ask for feedback, but if it does, do so in a way that calls for advice or details.  Both can help clarify.


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