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Heifer International Announces $40,000 Grant for Youth and Women in AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria

Heifer International, an NGO, has announced a $40,000 grant for youths and women to participate in the 2024 AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria. The initiative aims to promote innovative and technology-driven agri-centric enterprises. The announcement was made by Dr. Lekan Tobe, Country Director (Interim) of Heifer International, during the unveiling of the challenge in Abuja.

The AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria is designed to identify, nurture, and support innovative agritech enterprises that can grow, scale, and thrive. The challenge will focus on identifying outstanding young agritech innovators and assisting them in forming strong partnerships to enhance visibility, growth, and productivity among smallholder farmers. Tobe emphasized that leveraging youth and technology is crucial for transforming agriculture and the food system in Nigeria and across Africa. He noted the significant role of women, who constitute 50% of the population, in this transformation.

Tobe encouraged eligible agripreneurs to apply for the challenge, highlighting that it would empower them with innovative solutions to significantly impact smallholder farmers. He reiterated Heifer International’s commitment to supporting agritech innovation and youth entrepreneurship, believing that the challenge would contribute to transforming the agricultural sector and improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.

Chuba Eziegwe, Communications Manager for Heifer International in Nigeria, explained that the organization has been supporting smallholder farmers globally, impacting 40 million people to date. He emphasized the importance of involving young people in agriculture to leverage their innovative potential, similar to the revolutions seen in fintech and health tech. Eziegwe stated that the challenge would provide grants, business mentorship, and incubation to help young agripreneurs grow and scale their ideas, ensuring food security across Africa.

Tajudeen Yahaya, CEO of Extension Africa and the 2023 winner of the AYuTe Africa Challenge Nigeria, advised applicants to focus on making their work simple and clear. He highlighted the platform’s potential for connecting with like-minded individuals and mentors, as well as opportunities for scaling up both within Nigeria and other African countries.

Mustapha Abokede, Venture Lead at Wennovation, an implementing partner of the challenge, encouraged women to participate to accelerate agritech entrepreneurship in Nigeria. The challenge aims to support and amplify the efforts of young agripreneurs and contribute to the broader goal of food security and agricultural transformation in Africa.