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Hair Colour And First Impression At Job Interview

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When you walk into an office of an interviewer or before a panel of interviewers, your dressing speaks volume of who you are. You must understand that the interviewer is very conscious of your looks. Example of one of the core things they look out for is your hair colour. Your choice of hair colour for an interview is very important.

In this article, we will discuss expositories on hair colour and first impression at a job interview. Different hair colours means different things as well as in different settings and environment. There are certain hair colours that are fit for work space and some that are not advisable to wear to work.

Do interviewers care about hair color?

Yes! They do care about it. The hair colour you choose for an interview is being evaluated by the interviewer(s). This can actually affect your interview positively or negatively depending on the choice you’ve made regarding your hair.

Some companies may not care about your hair colour but companies that have dressing codes will surely mind. Hence, a wrong move in hair colour will piss them off from taking you serious in the interview room.

Can an employer not hire you because of your hair color?

Well, this question has a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as answers because it solely dependent on the employer. The hair colour for an interview is something you must take serious because you can not predict your interviewer’s reaction to your hair colour.

Can an employer tell you how to wear your hear?

Well, some employers have laid down dress code for all employees within their company. So, if you happen to be an employee in such a company, you will have to either obey the dress code or quit being part of such workspace.

How to choose the best hair colour for an interview

Here are some tips on how to choose the best hair colour that best fits for the interview you will be attending.

1. Run a background check on the dress code of the employer

Try your best to run background check on the employer’s dress code to be able to choose the best hair colour that will please the employer/interviewer.

2. Ensure the hair colour blends with your outfit

Avoid wearing a coloured hair that doesn’t match with your outfit. Ensure there is a blend. It keeps you looking bold and classy. Failure to do this can ruin your chances of getting a job after an interview.

3. Choose a good hairstyle that best fits a workplace

It is important that you take note of what kind of hairstyle fits into your intended workplace. The hair colour maybe right but some employer frown at bad.

Common Hair colour for interview

Below are common hair colours that fits into different kinds of jobs and employers demands.

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blond
  • Natural red
  • grey

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