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Full List of Jobs That Start With G

Are you looking for jobs that start with the letter G? Look no further. This blog post will explore the vast world of jobs, starting with the letter G. 

From medical professions to business and finance positions, there are plenty of great opportunities for those looking to start their career with a G. 

We’ll be looking at some of the best jobs that start with G, so read on to discover the perfect fit for you.

Full List of Jobs That Start With G

1. Geologist

A geologist studies the physical and chemical aspects of the earth, such as its minerals and resources, to create maps.

However, they evaluate underground and surface rock formations, and conduct research related to earthquakes, volcanoes, and other phenomena. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a geologist is $80,000. 

2. Game Developer

Game developers work on creating and programming games for computers, gaming consoles, and mobile devices. 

However, they design game content, plan game elements, and debug programs for any issues that may arise during development. 

Furthermore, The median annual salary for a game developer is $77,000. 

3. Graphic Designer 

Graphic designers combine technology and art to create visuals in print and digital media, including websites and advertisements. 

They also create logos, illustrations, videos, images, and other visuals to capture an audience’s attention or convey a message. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a graphic designer is $50,000 which is pretty steep as one of the jobs that start with D. 

4. Genealogist 

Genealogists use genealogical records to trace family lineages and histories. 

In addition, they utilize information from archives, libraries, online databases, historical documents, and other sources to construct family trees and uncover new stories about past generations. 

The median annual salary for a genealogist is $45,000. 

5. Greenhouse Manager 

Greenhouse managers ensure optimal plant health and growth within their greenhouses. 

However, they must manage staff members, monitor environmental conditions, implement pest control measures, maintain supplies, and ensure the highest product quality is delivered to customers. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a greenhouse manager is $48,000. 

6. Gearhead Technician 

Gearhead technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining automotive engines and mechanical components. 

They also use diagnostic tools and shop equipment to troubleshoot problems and repair cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. 

The median annual salary for a gearhead technician is $41,500. 

7. Gardener 

Gardeners tend to gardens and lawns by planting flowers, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation. 

They prune, fertilize, weed, water, mow, and trim vegetation while keeping up with garden trends and current techniques. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a gardener is $29,000. 

8. Gaming Dealer 

Gaming dealers operate card tables at casinos by dealing cards to players and assisting them through the game. 

They also handle monetary transactions for bets placed by players, pay winnings when appropriate, and enforce house rules of play. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a gaming dealer is $25,200 which is decent as one of the jobs that start with G. 

9. Glazier 

Glaziers install glass windows, doors, storefronts, mirrors, shower stalls, skylights, display cases, and other fixtures. 

Overall, they measure, cut, grind, fit, seal, and secure glass pieces into place using adhesives or metal frames. 

They also may need to tint and texture glass, fix broken windows, and apply protective treatments. 

Additionally, they earn an average annual salary of $39,000. 

10. GIS Analyst 

GIS analysts develop and analyze geographic information systems (GIS) to understand patterns and relationships between geographical data. 

However, they create visual representations of data and identify areas where data could be utilized for better decision-making. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a GIS analyst is $61,000. 

11. Goldsmith 

Goldsmiths create intricate jewelry designs by cutting, soldering, forming, and carving gold, silver, and other precious metals. 

However, they must know materials, diamonds, and gemstones to create high-quality jewelry that meets customer requirements. 

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a goldsmith is $37,000. 

12. Groomer 

Groomers provide professional pet grooming services to cats and dogs, which include cleaning fur and nails, bathing, brushing, blow drying, and clipping fur. 

They also advise pet owners on how to care for their pets’ coats, skin, and overall well-being. 

However, Groomers must be familiar with various breeds, cuts, styles, and the correct products to use. 

furthermore, the median annual salary for a groomer is $24,000. 

13. Gaming Programmer 

Gaming programmers create the code for video games to ensure a seamless gaming experience. 

They are highly skilled in computer programming languages such as C++, Java, and HTML. 

They are also one of the highest paying jobs that start with G.

Furthermore, the median annual salary for a gaming programmer is $80,000. 

14. Gas Fitter 

A gas fitter is a person who installs, maintains, and repairs natural gas, propane, and oil-fueled systems and components in commercial and residential buildings. 

Furthermore, Gas fitters typically earn a median salary of $40,000 to $50,000 annually, depending on experience and geographic location.

15. Globemaker 

Globemakers are craftspeople who create globe maps for decorating purposes and educational tools. 

However, their work can range from crafting a miniature globe out of paper mache to creating digital interactive globes. 

In addition, most globemakers make between $45,000 and $70,000 annually.

Other Jobs that Start with G

  1. Gamekeeper 
  2. Games Tester 
  3. Garden Centre Assistant 
  4. Games Designer 
  5. Games Programmer 
  6. Garment or Textile Technologist 
  7. Gas Heating Engineer 
  8. Gas Service Engineer 
  9. General Construction Operative 
  10. Geneticist 
  11. Geophysicist – Physics
  12. Glass Designer or Maker 
  13. Glazing Technician 
  14. Government Intelligence Officer or Analyst 
  15. Grounds person 
  16. Gym Instructor 


There are many jobs that start with the letter G. From higher education to hospitality, the opportunities are vast and varied. 

While many jobs require special training and qualifications, others may be less demanding and require no more than a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Depending on individual interests and skill sets, any one of these job titles could be a great fit.