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How to find a job from home with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest network of professionals in the world. With more than 500 million users, this social network is a powerful tool to find a job from home remotely or access interesting job offers around the world.

In recent years, a lot of remote job opportunities are popping up via LinkedIn. Dozens of companies are recruiting staff to work remotely. An upward trend that we will see grow exponentially in the coming years as companies are realizing the benefits of remote work for both their employees and themselves.

There are many options to find remote work that allows you to work from home or anywhere in the world, in fact, here we made a selection of the best web portals to find work from home.

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LinkedIn is another great option when looking for a job from home. Next, you will learn how to search and configure your profile to obtain maximum visibility and to be able to find jobs to do from your home.

Take a look at your LinkedIn profile

The first thing you should do is audition your profile. Obviously, if you have not created one yet, you have to start now, register here. They won’t find you if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile.

A good profile has to reflect both your professional achievements and your personality. There is no exact technique to create a profile of 10 but you can follow these tips:

  • Keep the profile updated.
  • Use professional photos.
  • Include keywords in your profile.
  • Write an attractive headline.
  • Highlight experience, achievements and skills
  • Don’t go overboard on accomplishments or abilities.

These are just some tips that you can use to improve your profile, or if you are creating a new one. If you want to find out more about this, here are 20 tips to make your LinkedIn profile perfect.

Make connections on LinkedIn

Once you have created or improved your profile on this social network, it is time to get going to work the network of contacts.

Here you can invite your co-workers (current and past), university or study colleagues, people you know, and from there begin to expand your network of contacts.

This does not mean that you have to send an invitation to everyone on LinkedIn. You have to create a good strategy and establish meaningful connections with professionals in your field. A good option to find these types of professionals is to join LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are very similar to Facebook groups. These groups revolve around a theme or profession. For example, there are groups of social media, online marketing, teachers, coaching, etc.

Groups can be used to meet people related to your profile, expand your network of contacts. You must be active and socialize, ask questions, share information, comment…

Find work from home with LinkedIn

Now that you’ve improved your profile, you’ve started networking and joining groups, it’s time to search for job offers from home with LinkedIn.

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To do this, you must access the employment section of LinkedIn. From here you can access job offers from around the world that are published on this network for professionals. Now, to know the best remote employment opportunities, you must use a series of keywords to locate these jobs.

Locate the search bar that appears at the top. That’s where you have to add the keywords to find remote work from home. For this you have to use the following words:

  • Remote work.
  • I work from home.
  • From distance.
  • I work from home on the Internet.
  • Virtual.

If you’ve mastery other languages like English, French, Italian. You can also put the keywords in the corresponding language. For people with knowledge of English, they have a large number of opportunities available.

Apply for work from home

Once you’ve found the job-from-home position that fits your profile, it’s time to apply. To do this, you just have to press the “Request” button. A new tab will open where the job offer is hosted, or with the information to apply.

Before applying for the offer, you can see if you have any connection with some of the company’s employees. If so, you can request a friendly recommendation, to try nothing happens, and in this way, you can have an advantage over other job applicants.

If you prefer to create your own website that generates income month by month while you work from home, or as a complement to your current job, you have to do this free training.

Job alerts

It is not the first time that we recommend creating job alerts to be informed at all times of the latest opportunities that appear published related to the job position you are looking for.

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Create a job alert on LinkedIn with the keywords you have used. You have the button on the right. In this way, you will receive a message every time a new opportunity appears according to your search terms. This way, you will never miss the latest offers to work from home.


A job cannot be found overnight. Do not be discouraged if you do not find work in a short time, everything comes. Stay active in groups, share information related to your profile, show that you are a professional in that area, follow companies that offer remote jobs, and get in touch.

Most companies offering remote jobs are on LinkedIn, you’re in a good place to hunt down that job you’ve been looking for.

You can also set up your professional blog while looking for a job. This is very useful to use as a digital resume, and it can even become your future job. Here’s a step-by-step guide to blogging.