Felon Friendly Apartment Near Me

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When a person gets released from prison, he certainly needs an apartment to lay his head and have security. So, where can I find a felon friendly apartment near me?

Entering into society as an ex-convict is quite hard. And of course, as an ex-convict, the first thing that crosses your mind after being released is resolving the accommodation issue; ‘where can I stay?’ Initially, getting an apartment accepting felons is something that one should not expect would be easy, but it’s possible to get it.

With no relative to stay with, convicts can find this article beneficial. As a felon, you might find these two things hard; where to stay and how to survive. You’d need a home and a source of income to sustain yourself.

However, these two things are sensitive to what kind of individual they are renting an apartment to and giving a job to.

Hence, they carry out a criminal background check. If you’re patient enough, you’ll find out in this article how to find a felon friendly apartment, know what the landlord wants.

Why most of them reject applications and the appropriate steps you can take when searching for accommodation, especially what you can do to earn the approval of your landlord.

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Felon Friendly Apartment Near Me

There is no law or decree about renting a felon friendly apartment. Agents, landlord or management council, has the right to carry out a background check on prospective renters or even question their criminal history.

A Landlord may choose not to rent his apartment to a felon based on his choice and investigation. No law forbids them on that.

Your ability to get an apartment may be hindered due to his criminal record. He may refuse to give out his apartment if he chooses.

Nonetheless, there is some apartment that works for felonies. As it is so possible that a Felony can ruin your opportunity to secure your apartment.

However, an apartment depending on criminal records do not legally come under discrimination just that, according to the law, the landlord has the right to choose whether to grant the felon’s application or decline it.

Although, most of them refuse to ensure that properties are secure and manage the risk of criminals’ access to their properties.

What Do Landlords Want?

Understand the following basic information before you start attempting to book an apartment; you should first understand the landlord’s interest and mindset.

Before booking appointments to check out apartments, you need to understand the landlords’ interests and mindset. Check out what they want in their tenant, their expectations, concern and fear about tenants.

Most often than not, landlords wish for a tenant with regular or full-time payment, tenants with a stable or steady income.

A tenant with a high Sense of responsibility in terms of cleaning and maintaining the property and not causing damage, tenants with no form of violence, peaceful and drug-free.

Having this information will help you conduct yourself well and help you fit in their demands. Polite discussion with them helps them have the proper perspective about you and build some trust.

This communication level convinces them and gives you a higher chance of getting their approval. The biggest of all problems felons can face is the issue of securing a suitable place in society. This is a rampant problem for an offender.

A felon should be careful not to waste their time and efforts checking accommodation where there is no possibility of getting an apartment.

As a convicted felon looking for an apartment, follow this guide to get clues on how to go about the allocation and educate you on how to maximize your possibility of getting your potential landlord’s approval.

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Places you can rent an apartment as a felon

Your chances of getting an apartment as a felon fall to zero when a background check confirms your criminal record.

Regardless of the crime or the time it was committed, the landlord can decide to decline or approve without legal discrimination.

The moment your criminal record unleash, your chance of being accepted isn’t so sure. The best way to address this is to check for lists of rentals that do not engage in a background check.

Apartments for felons

Below are places where you can find felon friendly apartments near you. and

Check and for rentals that will not involve a background check. You can find as many as possible on these sites.

While you search, ensure you’re very specific on stating clearly and putting in your zip code. Then, you’ll get a list of options, though limited ones, you can choose from and apply for.

You can quickly get Felon Friendly apartments that don’t require a background or a credit check on these sites. You can access several options there.


For an effective result, check Craigslist. In the community of others, and claimed to have craigslist has the biggest search engine and the largest selection of properties that the primary owner mainly rents.

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Zillow’s community

Another means to search for an apartment is Zillow’s Community Pillar Program.

This site helps individuals have access to link up with landlords who are willing to give prospective tenants a second chance by reducing their standards and procedures to have them enjoy a second chance.


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