Electrical Technician jobs to go into with Little or no experience
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Electrical Technician jobs to go into with Little or no experience

Electrical technician jobs are important in our society. It is difficult to find a country that does not make use of electricity in this present day. The rate of technology spread across the world has made the job of an electrical technician significant.

Without electricity, many companies and offices would not function effectively. The demand for electricity is high therefore the skill of an electrical technician is highly important.

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The job description of an electrical technician

Electrical technicians’ jobs require maintaining machinery or other electrical works in a company. They basically assist in repair works and installation of electrical machinery used in the company where they are employed.

There are a number of electrical technician jobs you could go into with little or no experience. Below are the following jobs:

  • Auto electrical technician
  • Instrumentation electrical technician
  • Electrical forklift technician
  • Industrial Maintenance Electrician
  • Automation technician
  • Electrical site installation technician

Auto electrical technician

When you’ve got electrical issues on your vehicle, call on an auto electrical technician to get it fixed.

They major in maintaining, installing, and discovering troubleshooting issues of electrical and electronic devices in cars and other automobiles.

Electrical systems like batteries, alternator, motor starter, fuse box, air conditioner, headlights, and others are maintained and repaired by an auto electrical technician when faulty.

After an auto electrical technician is done working on a vehicle, they carry out tests and checks to ensure the vehicle is made perfect.

Instrumentation electrical technician

Another electrical technician job that requires little or no experience is the job of an instrumentation technician.

You might think that they are technicians that are majors in maintaining and repairing musical instruments well that isn’t the case. They specifically handle issues concerning manufacturing equipment in a company.

They install, repair, and examine manufacturing devices. To be able to work effectively as an instrumentation technician you are expected to be skillful in areas such as computer skills, mechanical skills, communication skills, and arithmetics.

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Electrical forklift technician

If you have visited a factory you would be able to tell what forklifts are used for. In this case, we won’t be discussing forklifts but the job of an electrical forklift technician.

This is also a branch of electrical technician job. The job of a forklift technician is to fix electrical issues and maintain forklifts when required to. They are generally in charge of the issues that involve electrically connected devices on forklifts. Some of which are:

  • Charging of batteries for forklifts
  • Discovering issues on all forklift used in the company
  • Placing empty propane tanks on where they should be
  • Make checks and test on forklifts to ensure they work effectively
  • Takes out equipment that might cause hazard when forklift is in operation.

The job of an electrical forklift technician requires physical strength as during repairs there is a tendency that you would lie on your back to gain access to areas of the forklift that needs repair.

Industrial maintenance technician

With the increase in factories and manufacturing plants, It is essential to have an industrial maintenance technician in your company.

It is an electrical technician job that is responsible for the repair and installation of industrial machines. Also, the maintenance of industrial machines lies in their hands.

Their service is best needed in manufacturing plants and factories as they make use of industrial machinery for production. The breakdown of industrial machines can hinder smooth production in a manufacturing company hence they are needed to help for a smooth run in production.

Automation technician

The job of an Automation technician differs from the job of an auto electrician but has similarities with the job of an industrial maintenance technician.

Automation technicians are in charge of maintaining computer-controlled systems and automated devices for industrial and commercial establishments to ensure that the use of human labor is reduced.

The knowledge of electronics, mechanics, and computers is essential when employed as an automation technician. Their job description is similar to that of an industrial maintenance technician as they are responsible for maintaining machinery used for production.

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Electrical installation technician

An electrical installation technician is part of an electrical technician job. They work in office environments or factories for the purpose of inspecting the job done by electricians.

Their job description permits them to inspect the job done by an electrician, request for electrical equipment, construct electrical systems, and more.


Electrical technician jobs are quite in high demand as the world functions on it. If this article was of great help to you don’t hesitate to comment below as we would love to hear your thoughts. Don’t forget to also like and share.