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Tips To Create An Effective Internship Offer Letter

In this article, we will be discussing tips on how to create an effective internship offer letter. We will be sharing step by step what you need to include in the letter to make effective as required.

What is an internship offer letter?

An internship offer letter is an official letter informing a prospective intern or individual that they have been selected for an internship role with your company or organization.


Above is a sample of an internship offer letter showing the structure of how it is patterned.

What should be included in an internship offer letter?

There are certain contents you must not miss out on when drafting out an internship offer letter. Below are what you should include:

  • The name and location of your organization.
  • The internship start and end dates.
  • The intern position title.
  • The compensation you are offering. (If you are hiring an unpaid intern, state that the position is unpaid.)
  • Non-disclosure or non-compete agreements, when applicable.
  • The intern supervisor’s name.
  • The deadline for accepting the position.
  • A legal statement that defines the intern’s rights to any work or projects they complete during their internship.

When should you use an internship offer letter ?

An internship offer letter should be made when your company is ready to formally extend an offer to an internship candidate. The internship offer letter will include important information about the position and the terms of the agreement. This document can serve as the formal agreement between your company and the intern.

Tips to create an effective internship offer letter

Here are step by step guides on how to write the offer letter.

1. Address the recipient

The offer letter should start with with a formal address section in the upper left-hand corner including; the date the letter is written, the name of the recipient, and the recipient’s address, city, state and ZIP code.

Below the address section, you can include a regarding line that lets the recipient know the letter is about an internship offer. You can then begin the letter with a professional salutation/greeting, such as “Dear [recipient’s name].”

2. Give clear information about your company and the position offered

Ensure the opening line of an internship offer letter includes the name of the company and the position title and department the internship will be in. It should also state the location of the position.

3. Give details about the position’s duration and work schedule

In the next section, Ensure that the offer letter provides details about the position duration and work schedule.

4. Clearly state other hiring processes for the job role

If there are other screening exercises needed for the completion of the hiring process, state in the letter to enable the prospective intern have an idea about it.

5. Add legal disclosure as required

Ensure that the internship offer letter makes it clear that the intern can only expect the terms outlined in the letter to be honored, and that the terms in the letter supersede any prior discussions about the position. Be sure to include a statement that any changes the internship candidate would like to include in the agreement must be made in a formal writing.

6. Provide contact information

Make sure you include a contact information to make it easy for the prospective intern to reach out to the company for any other necessary discussions.

7. Close the offer letter

The offer letter must be closed formally with a professional salutation such as “Yours sincerely”, “Yours Faithfully” followed by the name of the writer and then their position in the company.

8. Provide and acceptance section

This is the final section of an internship offer letter which comes after the closing section of the letter.

The acceptance section includes a statement of the intern candidate accepting the offer and terms outlined in the letter with space for them to print their name, sign and date the offer.