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Top 8 E-commerce Jobs to Consider

E-commerce jobs to consider – Online shopping has revolutionized the way we buy things, but just because you don’t interact with someone face to face at a cash register, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t thousands of individuals behind the scenes who make sure your orders are executed correctly.

  E-commerce involves three different but interlinked career options: Market Research Analyst, Web Developer, and Computer Systems Analyst.  Market research analysts anticipate trends in sales and produce reports based on their findings for companies to benefit from in the future. 

Web developers create and test web pages and applications, monitor site traffic and ensure the site can handle it, and work with clients and graphic designers to ensure that site pages meet their visions. 

Computer systems analysts select and configure new hardware and software, as well as test existing systems and find ways to improve their efficiency.

Why do I want to work in e-commerce?

  E-commerce is on everyone’s tongue these days.  As more and more consumers rely on the Internet to shop, digital stores are moving to the fore as the preferred medium of commerce. 

And if you are a qualified professional familiar with the e-commerce industry, this job market might be your oyster. 

Depending on your professional background, you may have a lot of job opportunities and e-commerce jobs to consider if you know where to look.

  Experts estimate the value of the e-commerce industry at more than $ 1 trillion and it is expected to grow at a steady rate of 17% over the next few years.  It is clear that e-commerce now is not only one of the largest business sectors currently, but it is also one of the fastest growing. 

Behind this rapid growth is emerging markets such as China, Russia, Brazil and India.

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  Take the China online marketplace, for example – over $ 1 billion worth of goods are traded daily.  Another factor behind the growth of online selling is the widespread adoption of the mobile phone. 

Mobile e-commerce accounts for 20% of the market share.  As smartphone adoption increases, this share is set to increase.

  Looking at the facts, it is evident that jobs in e-commerce are growing at the speed of the industry itself.  For this reason, many people are quick to study MBA programs online, so that they can use them to land e-commerce jobs.

  E-business is a suitable profession for those individuals with a futuristic approach to business.  E-business transcends geographic boundaries, so anyone with an international perspective should find it an interesting profession.  It is also one of the fastest growing professions in the world, as it attracts more and more students wishing to major in e-business. 

In fact, the adoption of many technology-oriented tools in this sector is letting more and more e-commerce jobs to consider for individuals who have been trained in the field of e-business.

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E-commerce jobs to consider

E-commerce Marketing Coordinator

  E-commerce sites are looking for market coordinators who have organizational and leadership skills that ensure the implementation and execution of marketing efforts across the company.  To become a marketing coordinator you often need some experience, but to take the first step, it is helpful to have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.  If you are a leader with good vision and the capabilities to direct a team, e-commerce offers this opportunity.

Order clerk

   Order clerks receive orders from clients and process payments.  For example, they can enter customer information, such as addresses and payment methods, into the order entry system.  They also answer questions about pricing and shipping.

Content developer

  When customers shop online, they want rich content that gives them detailed information in an effort to help make a purchase.  For e-commerce sites, it is imperative to provide worthwhile information to customers, as is the case with many direct product alternatives, if a website does not provide detailed information on a website then competition will lead to increased revenue. 

Therefore technical and creative writers are required to facilitate this process because rich content can protect branding and product safety.

Shipping, receiving, and traffic clerks 

  Shipping, receiving, and traffic personnel tracks and record outbound and outbound shipments.  Clerks may scan barcodes with portable devices or use radio frequency identification (RFID) scanners to keep track of inventory. 

They check to see if shipping requests have been handled properly in their company’s computer system.


  The term marketing is a broad term and includes functions that range from social media to press communication to email marketing.  The good news for a wide field?  You probably already have some experience that could be applied to entry-level eCommerce jobs in marketing.  An entry-level eCommerce marketing job requires a lot of hats to wear. 

To get a good idea of ​​what a marketer is doing, look closely at the brand you like.  What emails do they send?  What other brands do they partner with?  What do they do on social media?  What happens when a new product is launched? 

These are all major aspects of what someone deals with in the marketing department of e-commerce.

Retail salespersons 

  Retailers work in stores where they sell merchandise.  In addition to helping customers find and choose items to purchase, many retailers process payment for the sale, and they can also package online orders for shipping.

E-commerce project manager

  This business opportunity covers a range of responsibilities and begins with the responsibility of taking all the information on board to start a specific project.  Once this information is dissected, the manager will choose the right team to successfully implement this project. 

The stages that follow include analyzing activities, creating a timeframe, monitoring progress, and making sure all developments are adequate when the site is ready to upload new products. 

If the e-commerce website offers more customized products, it is imperative for the project manager to have continuous interaction with the customer to ensure customer satisfaction.

Market research analysts

   Market research analysts and marketing professionals study market conditions to examine the potential sales of a product or service. 

It helps companies understand which products people want, who will buy them, and at what price.