Does Walmart Blow up Balloons? [Price, Types of Balloons + More]

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Since Walmart sells balloons and offers different services, you might be wondering: does Walmart blow up balloons? Here is all that I’ve discovered.

Walmart blows up balloons at a little piece of its stores starting in 2022. Walmart offers this help charge of around $0.25 per balloon and just blow up balloons that have been bought.

To get familiar with finding a close-by Walmart store that offers this assistance, the amount it cost to blow up a balloon, and options in contrast to Walmart, continue to read.

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How to Find out if Your Nearby Store at Walmart Blows up Balloons?

Since some store at Walmart saves up balloons, you should contact your close-by Walmart stores ahead of time to see if they offer this assistance.

To do as such, you can utilize the Walmart Store Locator to get the contact numbers and open hours of the Walmart stores near your area.

What Kind Of Balloons Does Walmart Blow up?

Walmart store blows both latex and Mylar balloons of every kind. Nonetheless, note that these

balloons should be purchased from Walmart stores for the store to blow them.

How Does It Cost to Blow up Balloons From Walmart?

Walmart stores (that offer the help of blowing balloons) charge around $0.25 per balloon to blow it.

In any case, this cost can shift depending on the size and shape of balloons you need to get blowed. The bigger the balloon, the more you will be charged per piece as this will require more helium.

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Does Walmart Blow up Balloons Bought From Different Stores?

Walmart stores that offer this assistance just blow balloons purchased from something similar or some other Walmart store.

Notwithstanding, it is best that you contact the store closest to you and inquire as to whether they will blow up balloons you purchased from elsewhere.

What Else is There to do If Your Close by Walmart Doesn’t Blow up Balloons?

On the off chance that the Walmart stores close to you don’t blow up balloons, you can buy a balloon Time Helium tank available or through the Walmart site. These are not difficult to use and can rapidly blow  an  enormous number of balloons

Helium tanks cost somewhere in the range of $23.88 and $54.99, contingent upon the amount of helium you want and the number of inflatables you need to explode. Some Helium tanks accompany a bunch of inflatables, though some don’t.

The standard size for a helium tank sold at Walmart is 14.9 cubic feet, which can undoubtedly explode around fifty 9″ and 27 11″ plastic inflatables.

What Other Place Can You Get Blow up Balloons?

On the off chance that the close-by Walmart stores don’t offer the assistance of blowing up Balloons, you can go to any of the accompanying other options:

Kroger: You can have your balloon blown up at any Kroger supermarket in the botanical office. You don’t need to purchase balloons from Kroger to have them blown, and should pay around $1 for every plastic and between $2-$8 for every Mylar expand (contingent upon size)

Meijer: Head over to the botanical office to get your Balloons blown. Likewise, with Kroger stores, Meijer doesn’t expect balloons to be purchased from its stores and charges $1 for plastic and $3-$8 for Mylar inflatables.

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Modest Choices Incorporate Dollar Tree and 99 Pennies Just stores

To find out additional, you can likewise see whether or not Dollar General fills helium inflatables, assuming Publix explodes inflatables, and furthermore on the off chance that Walgreens explodes inflatables.


Walmart truly does without a doubt blow up Balloons, yet just to a little extent of its stores. Thusly, you ought to consistently contact your close-by store ahead of time to ask about this assistance. Stores that offer it charge around $0.25 per balloon or more relying on the size and shape of the balloon.

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