Does Lowes Take Apple Pay in 2022? – All You Need to Know

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Lowe’s is an American company founded in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North California. It has been ranked to be the second-largest chain of tools, and equipment used in the house in the United States and around the world at large, This is so because it is a safe place to shop for home and appliances improvements items.

It is a store with differences when it comes to selling simple but attractive lighting, interiors, and home appliances for brands, homes, etc. especially for newbies and regular clients both online and in-store.

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Does Lowe’s Take Apple Pay in 2022?

This Corporation is a big brand that offers varieties of the mode of payment options to its client both online and in-store, this is to aid easy and fast shopping.

This variety of modes of payment has left a question on the lips of people who own Apple devices whether Lowe takes Apple Pay for purchases.

To answer the question, “No, Lowe does not take Apple Pay as a mode of payment both online and its physical stores as of 2022.” This is because Lowe’s does not have any NFC (Near Field Communication) technology terminals in every of their store. It is the installation of this technology that makes the use of Apple Pay possible, neither do they have the intention to install this technology currently.

Since Lowe’s does not take Apple pay, do they accept other payments type?

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What Mode of Payment is Available at Lowe’s?

Although Lowe’s does not accept Apple pay, it does have other modes of payment that can be used after purchase both online and in-stores Such modes of payments include;

  • Debit cards, which includes; Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover,
  • Credit cards,
  • Cash or personal checks,
  • Lowe’s Gift Cards,
  • Lowe’s Credit Cards,
  • Pay Pal which can only be used online.

Note: If what you have purchased exceeds what you have on your gift card, you are required to use another mode of payment to cover up.

Why Lowe’s does not Take Apple Pay?

Absence of NCF Terminal

Lowe’s does not support Apple pay because it does not have a Near Field communication Technology Terminal at its stores that support Apple Pay. It is this technology that scans the code or signal that comes from a smartphone which takes the information needed and applies it to your purchase without the need for a physical card or money.

Transaction Fees

To use Apple Pay, Lowe’s stores have to pay a transaction fee known as Merchant Fee to Apple. This is how Apple gets a cut from all purchases made at Lowe’s to cover implementation costs.

Usually, The merchant fee can rob off a store of All their profits, while some companies charge their customers this merchant fee and it is deducted from the customer’s transaction.

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Draws Customer’ Attention Away From Their Own Cards

Remember, Lowe has its Credit Cards, therefore, introducing Apple Pay to their customer simply mean customers’ attention will be drawn away from Lowe’s Credit card since there is a digital way of paying.

Lowe’s tends to lose other sources of revenue if this happens.

Lack of Interest

One major reason is lack of interest because this form of digital payment can be difficult or time-consuming.

Can I Pay With my Phone at Lowe’s?

Since Lowe’s does not accept Apple Pay, you can not use your phone for payment at any Lowe’s store since it does not have NCF technology.

Is PayPal Allowed at Lowe’s?

Yes, Pay Pal is allowed at Lowe’s, it is only allowed online and not at any of its physical stores.

You will see the Pay Pal check-out option on Lowe’s Pay Pal online when you click other payments options. However, Pay Pal Cash Card, and QR codes can’t be used at Lowe’s Physical stores and for online purchases.

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Lowe’s does not take Apple Pay, or Google pay for payment purchases both in its in-store and online stores due to NFC’s unavailability, however, Lowe’s accepts other credits, and debit cards, etc. And it has no intention of taking Apple Pay any soonest.

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