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Does DoorDash Do Background Checks in 2022?

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A DoorDash background check is a screening procedure that looks into your background to find out whether you have a criminal history or driving record or not. So, does DoorDash do background checks in 2022?

Does DoorDash Do Background Checks in 2022?

Yes, DoorDash does background checks. DoorDash is very serious about the background of its independent contractors. Their decision is based on whether you can clear the check or not.

The background check is performed by a third-party company called Checkr. They conduct secure background checks on each prospective delivery driver.

Checkr will ask you to present legal consent before checking your background.

You shouldn’t have any problems moving into the next stage of the hiring process If they don’t find any negative issues.

Checkr will inform you of any negative information in the background check.

You can request a copy of your background report and check why something from your past might prevent you from delivering food for DashDash.

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What Does the Background Check Look For?

Check runs your name through the county and national criminal records system and the National Sex-Offender Registry to see if major crimes exist in your past.

Any negative action will pop up inside the check even if you no longer live in the county or state where it happened.

The check also looks at the motor vehicle records database to check for things like:

  • DUI offences
  • Stoplight tickets
  • Drug-related traffic violations
  • Accidents
  • Driving without insurance
  • Speeding tickets

Let it be noted that DoorDash periodically checks the background of all Dashers.

After you’re hired and working for the DoorDash app, you must keep your record clean in all of these areas.

What Can Disqualify You During the Background Check?

You may be disqualified from driving for DoorDash if you have the following issues:

  • A past DUI
  • Sexual offences
  • Criminal history, such as felony convictions
  • Three or more moving violations
  • Drug or alcohol issues

Note that any of these factors will not become a problem after hiring.

How Far Back Does the Background Check Go?

Criminal record systems don’t limit how far back checks can go. Criminal acts will show up even if they occurred decades ago.

However, the criminal background check is limited by DoorDash to only seven years. A felony conviction is an exception to this time limit.

They focus on how your history will determine how safe it is to let you drive for the platform.

What completes a DoorDash background Check

Providing the necessary documents and giving consent to having your history looked at are the two main aspects of getting your background check completed.

Here are all Checkr needs to complete the check: Social Security number, Date of birth, and full name.

The process begins once you give them this information and consent.

How Long Does a DoorDash Background Check Take?

Typically the background check should take 3-10 business days.

Every situation is different. For example, it might take longer if you have lived in multiple places in your history.

Checkr will take more time to bring the data in as they run different countries’ searches.

The criminal history check sometimes takes a long time based on where you want to work as a DoorDash driver, as different countries operate at varying speeds when conducting background checks.

The process slows down If you have few records in criminal history.

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Background Check Status

After you’ve filled out your application, you’re anxiously waiting for an answer.
What follows are the various statuses your application goes through.

Complete Status

The first step is a complete status. Checkr uses the “complete” status as the indicator for when they receive the list of countries needed to check your criminal history.

Pending Status

The pending status shows that the check is almost done. Checkr is waiting on the last pieces of information to come through that provide a yes or no on your application.

Clear Status

This status checkpoint is the positive news you’ve been waiting for!

Your application has been approved and moves you into “live” Dasher account status. The next step is to start driving and earn money.

Consider the Status

The report contains violations that do not meet the Doordash qualifications. For example, if you have had more than three moving vehicle violations in the past three years.

They’re considering your status and will decide to either approve you or reject your ability to work as a DoorDash driver.

Dispute Status

You can get your background check and look it over carefully during this status checkpoint.

DoorDash gives you 30 days to dispute any wrong information that you think came back in error.

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Does DoorDash do background checks in 2022? Yes! It does. The background check takes 3-10 days.

The process begins when you provide the necessary documents and consent to have your background looked into.

Your application goes through various statuses such as Complete, Pending, Clear, Consider, and Dispute status.

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