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Does Circle K Drug Test? | All You need To Know About Circle K Drug Test

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As a job applicant, one of the things that cross your mind, if not disturb, in securing a job at any company of interest is to know whether the company drug test or not.

Since drug policy is only a company’s personal decision, a company can decide to test or not test its employee.

Same way, the company is also free to drug test employees based on personal criteria.

Even after legalizing some drugs, the state does not force a company to a drug test or not their employee. It is left to them to run their company the best way it seems to them.

Circle K is one of the best stores with global reach and was founded by Fred Hervey in 1951 in El Paso, Texas.

The company currently belongs to a Canadian called Alimentation Couche-Tade.

The company is extended to several regions in the state, with over 9799 stores in North America, 2380 stores in Europe, and over two thousand across the state.

Applicants that are interested in working at Circle K and curious about if they drug test or not can rest assured he is at the right site for the answer.

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Does Circle K Drug Test?

Being a company spread within, and without the states, it may take locational factor or the type of manager of each branch to say whether or not circle drug test.

With the current drug policy of the state, some areas of the state have no issue with drugs, which in turn has affected the decision of some companies though not forcefully.

Circle K, located in this region, may not bother to drug test employees depending on the manager’s guidelines.

However, for other areas of the state, where the legalization of some drugs isn’t effective, I mean they say no to drugs even after losing it.

More certainly, Circle K around this region is possibly going to drug test their employee.

Though all still are based on the policy laid down by the respective manager. Circle K has nothing regarding drug testing in its official manifesto.

But then, we can not judge with that. From the investigation of some circle of employees, we drafted out the possible state of the company regarding drug tests.

According to the investigation, for pre-employment drug tests, no. Circle K does not drug test new employees throughout their process of employment.

Entry levels practically all of them; cashier, stocking shelves, security, and the likes do not require a drug test before they are given the post.

However, higher positions like managers, executive officers, and other high-ranked post-drug tests will be required at the promotion stage. The random test is possible in most companies.


Why Circle K Drug Test Employees

Circle K doesn’t test employees on entry-level employment or randomly, but this does not mean employees can freely abuse drugs.

For-cause drug testing can be possible in the company. In a case where the company suspects an employee, the company can drug test the worker without prior notification.

Regardless of the employee’s position, such an employee will be sacked from the company.

Since no one wants his company’s reputation to fall due to the service of a drug abuser.

The company also performs drug tests on certain employees with injury in the cause of working in the company.

Suppose the employee is found positive for any recreational drug that seems responsible for the accident.

In that case, the company takes a disciplinary step toward such an employee, possibly termination of employment.

Can an Employee Refuse a Drug Test at Circle K?

A company has no right to test their employees forcefully; such employees can protect their rights by claiming that they have no right to test him in his disinterest while he packs his belongings to leave the company instead.

Circle K is much more flexible in terms of drug testing. There is no pre-employment drug, no random test except for higher level/promotional drug test, suspense drug test, or after accident test.

It is so glaring that the company would want to test employees with a clear purpose to clear their doubts. If an employee refuses this, then he could lose his job.

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As promised, we believe the above content would have answered any question you’ve regarding if Circle K drug test or not.

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