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Career options for English majors to consider

Career options for English majors to consider has been listed in this article for you to consider as you make your career.

Critical thinking. creativity. Translation. Study English prepares you for a variety of professional fields, including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, medicine, and fine arts. English majors are also seeking jobs in tech companies and other emerging ventures – in Silicon Valley and beyond. Whether they are copywriters, social workers, entrepreneurs, or filmmakers, graduates apply their studies at Stanford University to every corner of the world.

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Career options for English majors to consider: Successful future

As an English language specialist, you develop an increased awareness of the power of the language. Your massive vocabulary, understanding of style, advanced critical thinking abilities, and experience writing complex original work give you distinct verbal abilities: accuracy, dexterity, persuasion, and clarity, all of which are among the tools available to you. Your knowledge of historical trends in written discourse and their applications enhance your analytical capabilities and your participation in modern writing in any field. These qualities, along with the skill to communicate clearly and effectively, will serve you well in a wide variety of areas.

A career in teaching

A deep immersion in the history of literature through intimate seminar discussions prepares many of our students to succeed as classroom teachers at all levels.

Medical Humanities

The medical profession is increasingly interested in values ​​learned from humane courses such as English. Having a degree in English, or a double major in English, would boost your application to medical school.

Critical analysis

Through close conflict with complex texts, the English Language Major teaches students critical reading and deep analysis. These skills take many of our students into careers in law and other fields that require complex data analysis.

Advanced reading and writing

The English Language major will teach you advanced reading and writing skills. English language majors often look for jobs in publishing, public relations, advertising, media, or teaching. The professions to be considered are copywriter, columnist, commentator, critic, editor, production assistant, public relations representative, reporter, reporter, technical writer, or writer/author for non-profit organizations.

Communication skills

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, “What distinguishes two equally qualified candidates for the job can be as simple as one with better communication skills.” The advanced reading and writing skills taught in the English major, and knowing how to put things into compelling narratives will have a profound and long-lasting impact on your career.

Imagination power

Our subject matter is the human imagination expressed through the rich history of English and American literature. Our goal is to educate students in the history and practice of the creative process itself. An English Language Certificate teaches an empathetic understanding of human motivation and engages in big-picture thinking that encourages entrepreneurial leadership.

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Bridging Education, Ambition & Meaningful Work (BEAM)

Jobs no longer follow the linear paths they had for previous generations. The field of study you pursue at college offers you a wide range of opportunities after graduation rather than training for a specific career path. The skills you develop as a major in English – including technical analysis and interpretation, critical and creative writing, and historical synthesis – prepare you for a range of possible jobs.

As you begin your career search, remember that BEAM provides professional career counseling services, available to help you through the various aspects of career planning and job hunting, such as preparing for job interviews. The more detailed list of BEAM services is just one of many tools that will be provided to you by this guide. To access many of these BEAM resources, you will need to register with BEAM. To do this, just visit BEAM.

What the alumni say: Career options for English majors to consider

Here are the testimonies  by alumni, on the career options for English majors to consider:


“I’ve spent the last seven years teaching high school English in the San Francisco Federated District of Schools. I fell in love with teaching after the TA -ing labs actually and then teaching English in Vietnam. What I appreciate most about my time at Stanford University in The Department of English was seeing the passion of some of my teachers. I base my special education on their passion and their desire to link literature with our lives. ” Daniel from San Francisco, California


“After graduation, I was a print reporter for the Alameda newspaper group. In late 1998, I moved to the NBC News Washington DC office to work at Dateline, where I produced investigative news reports and wrote and researched them.” – Anonymous from Chevy Chase, MD


I’ve been working since the fall for a small literary magazine in San Francisco, doing everything from writing and editing to research / fact-checking as well as public relations and event coordination.” Audrey San Francisco, California

I moved to New York with 5 friends from Stanford, then worked in the Internet development department at Harper Collins. I became the director of online marketing for children’s books and created websites like and Now, I’m working on editorials at Chronicle Books in San. Francisco. ” Christina Ross, California


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“I started developing my feature film story at Fox Searchlight Pictures almost immediately after graduating from college. Then I accompanied my boss on his transfer to Focus Features. I work in the department that reviews incoming scripts/shows/paraphrases, etc., and decides which one From these ideas it will become movies. Then we work with writers, producers, directors, agents/directors, actors, etc. as we sponsor the project through the filmmaking process, and we often deal heavily with the development of the story and the character itself. ”- Rush Los Angeles, CA

“Originally I worked as a magazine editor/writer, and freelance writer for several magazines, and working as a copy editor for a website focused on film. Then I worked as an editor for Teen magazine until the release rolled up in 2001. I found my way into developing TV because I am so experienced with shaping writers and helping them create Tell a good story. I hope now to complete my career at Nickelodeon and eventually become a Television Development Executive. ” Audrey Los Angeles, California

“I started working in a coffee shop and focused on fictional writing, which is my focus as a college student. After winning an award from Berkley Fiction Review, I switched gears and worked on the NBC Internet Project, then as a financial editor for one of the largest investment banks in the world. I moved to Los Angeles, Where I worked as a story analyst at one of the most prestigious talent agencies in Hollywood before becoming CEO of Marketing at Disney. My degree in English from Stanford gave me the education to pursue a wide range of opportunities, and a passport that can be observed by high-profile organizations. ” – Fred from Los Angeles, California