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Top 20 Car Insurance Blog Topics To Derive Massive Organic Traffic To Your Website

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The issue of cars and car insurance is something that never runs out of topics. There is always something to talk about, this is because the topics are always helpful and educational to your readers.

The approach to be used is no different than that which is used on every other insurance blog, you seek to answer the questions of your prospective customers on subjects they are interested in and also wish they had known.

If you can provide them with what they are looking for which will make them smarter drivers and consumers, then, be rest assured that they will keep on reading on your blog.

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Some Car Insurance Blog Topics to be Considered

1. Safety Tips on How to Drive in the Night

Driving in the night comes with a lot of risk than that of the morning. Therefore, do well to give your readers who happen to be your customers at least 10 safety tips they can read that will help them drive safely in the night.

2. Safety Tips on Driving through the Winter

There are a lot of preparations people can do in order to get ready for winter. Create at least 5 questions for your readers to know if their cars are ready for the winter season. This kind of topic will keep your readers constantly on your blog year in year out.

3. Safety Tips for Driving under the Rain

Rain is another means where accidents occur, remind your readers of the best method to drive safely under the rain to avoid car accidents. This topic thrives more in the spring-summer months.

4. Safety Tips to Follow while Driving with Children

Making a trip with children can be fun, therefore to avoid any misfortunes, make a list of practices for your readers to follow while journeying with babies, toddlers, or kids.

5. Safety Tips while Using an Uber

Write out a handy list of what should be done and what should not be done while using an Uber especially during certain seasons like the spring, summer, and even Christmas.

6. Can the Uber Insurance Cover for the Customers as well

Make a list of what is obtainable on the cover and make it known to the reader so that they don’t get to expect so much. Part of the things that are likely to be covered in bodily injury.

7. Car Insurance and the Terms that are necessary

Insurance terms can be bogus and confusing times, make a list of the terms that have to do with car insurance so as to get acquainted with them which will, in turn, help them while they are making choices for different policies.

8. Make a List of the Cheapest/Most Expensive Cars to Insure

People generally love figures and lists, therefore do your research and make a list of the cheapest cars to insure which is among the popular demand. You can also make a list of how to save on car insurance and maximize the price-sensitive users.

9. How to Save Money in Car Insurance

Everyone loves tips on how to save money from virtually everything, car insurance is not left out. Therefore, for any type of car one wants to purchase insurance, they should always look for means to lower the premium, explore the possible options before making any decision. Topics like this one will cause traffic on your site.

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10. How can one Save Money from a Car Loan

There are so many ways to save money from a car loan, you can choose to either buy a cheaper car, make use of it as Uber or even give it out on lease just to make extra money.

11. Gap Insurance, is it Worth Buying

This Gap Insurance is optional insurance that helps car owners to pay off their auto loans if the car becomes totaled or when it is stolen.

It covered the car owners when they owe more than the car’s depreciated value. You can choose to discuss this and explain how it works as well as do a little comparison on the quotes and if it’s worth buying.

12. Safe Vehicles for First-timers Drivers

Most parents will need guides for their teenage children who just started driving. Make a list of the perfect vehicles to go for also make research on car insurance premiums for the cars based on the teenager.

13. Does the Insurance Cover for Accidents

Comprehensive coverage may be made for the repair of a damaged car. You can make a list of the procedures to follow to get coverage in cases of accidents.

14. What can one do After a Car Accident

Nobody actually wants to be involved in an accident, but in a situation where it happens, there are state laws to be followed in order to get the process of getting the claims started.

15. How You can File a Car Insurance Claim

Filling for an insurance claim can be very tasking especially when the people involved are going through the pain of loss and injury. That is why a step-by-step guide is needed to help people know what to do and the information they should have at hand.

16. How Does Usage-based Insurance Work

This has to do with paying premiums based on the mileage covered and also on the behavior of the drivers. The ones that drove slowly and safely are rewarded with lower premiums.

17. Finding and Comparing the Best Online Car Insurance

Finding the best online car insurance can be very difficult especially when there are so many persons who are carriers. Therefore you can introduce them to an auto comparison website and teach them how it works so as to save time.

18. A Step by Step Guide to Switching Car Insurance Company

The rate of car insurance companies may vary, but it is also wise to write down a guide for your readers to go through in order to check rates car insurance companies from each other may be yearly or two years intervals.

19. The Kind of Insurance Cover Needed for a Classic Car

It is of great importance that you have coverage for your classic vehicles which includes the cars that have lasted up to 25years old, vintage military cars, and so on. It can help in the costing in a situation where it is damaged.

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20. Full Coverage Automobile Insurance

Full coverage has to do with everything auto insurance, ranging from liability, it is comprehensive coverage on loss. Make a list on how on all the various coverage that gives your readers the options to choose which to fully cover.


There are so many things to learn from car insurance topics. As earlier stated it is both interesting and educative. Therefore, always keep your readers trooping to your blog with your exciting topics and guides.

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