What To Do if Someone Sues you for a Car Accident in California

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One of the most traumatic and stressful incidents that can happen to one is to be involved in an accident, most times, victims recover from their injuries, repair the damaged vehicles and move on with their lives as nothing has happened, but other times, there might be property damage, dent on lives, etc.

You can suddenly find out after this that the other party involved has an intention of filing a claim or suing you, this with the claim that you are responsible for the accident.

This can leave you with another stress that might take away your sanity if care is not taken, however, the storm can only be paved through in calmness. In California, everyone ought to be accountable for what they’ve done, be it physical damages, property damages, etc.

So if you find out you are being sued by the other party, you need to take responsibility. Should in case you don’t know what to do after being sued, how to take being sued or how to handle the situation? All will be provided to you in this blog post, all you need to do is digest it all.

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What to do if I am being Sued for a Car Accident in California?

If you are being sued for a car accident in California, it might leave you confused, but it is not much to fret over. Below are some things you can do.

Reach Out to an Auto Car Accident Attorney

You should contact an auto car accident attorney as soon as possible, He/she will help you test the validity of the lawsuit you are being served, the real causes, etc. Avoid reaching out to the other party involved because you can be guilt-tripped or pressurized into admitting. This will be wrong, especially if you are being sued without grounded evidence or if it is a baseless suing case.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Company

Californians are usually provided with proofed liability insurance when driving licenses need to be obtained, this is to give their license a good standing. So in a situation where you are being sued, Contact your Insurance company without delay because your insurance policy has coverage for liability insurance. Meaning, your insurance company will be in charge of paying for the damages and attorney fees when you are being sued.

However, if you are without insurance, your attorney is the one in the best position to discuss with the other party. If he or she is good at what they do, they might succeed in convincing the other party.

You Can Choose to Resolve Before Trial

You can strike an agreement with the other party to settle the case. This can be done through small case mediation programs. However, the court must be aware of the settlement.

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Prove of Being Sued in the Wrong Court

If the other party doesn’t know much about court and it turns out that you are being sued in the wrong court, you can request for the claim to be dismissed.

You Can Accept the Trial and Try to Win

With witnesses, receipts, evidence, and the needed details, you can prepare for trial with the aid of your attorney.

You Can Sue

There are times the person suing you is at fault, if you know the other party owes you as well, you can file a claim for defendants through your attorney.

You Can Pay the Money

If you don’t want to be stressed too much, you can agree with the other party to dismiss the case, so far you are willing to pay the settlements

Who will pay?

If it turns out you are responsible for the accident, and there is a need to pay the victim for damages caused, Your insurance company will be responsible for payment, although it depends on the type of insurance and your insurance limits at the time of the accident.

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When you are being sued, you are not being forced to pay, so the best step to take is to reach out to your attorney. Your attorney is the best person to help you fight back as well as prove your innocence. The following steps listed above will be aided by your attorney, so you don’t have to do it all on your own.

If you don’t have an attorney, or an auto insurance policy, you should get one now to save yourself during rainy and rainbow days. Have you or your loved ones been sued? Follow the steps above and do not forget to share if you find this useful

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