Can You Pay Uber With Cash After Ride?

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I don’t think there’s one person on this earth that can proudly claim they don’t know what Uber is–except you’ve been living under a rock. Uber has been around for a while now and is here to stay.

Uber is a transport company that sends a car your way after consultation on their app.

A credit card is most convenient for paying for your ride, but people still wonder if it’s possible to pay cash after your ride?

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Can you pay Uber with cash?

In certain locations, yes, you can. Uber has an official statement as regards cash payment.

It says that Uber is a cashless experience in most cities, and the fee is automatically charged to the riders’ preferred payment method at the end of the ride.

Only in cities where riders can select the cash payment option should riders be asked for a cash payment of trip fares. This means there are cities where cash can be paid.

Uber with Cash

Where cash can be used is constantly changing, so you need to check Uber updates to see if it’s available in your city.

Usually, where money is not accepted are places where a credit card is not popular or common.

Places like India, Brazil, South Africa, The Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Peru, and some states in the USA like Texas. Other states in the USA are not confirmed yet.

There is a way to add cash options for Uber when it’s available in your country. It’s very easy to choose cash options, don’t worry, help is here.

  • To start, you need to log in to the Uber app.
  • Then, you click on ‘Wallet.’
  • Scroll down to find ‘Ride Profiles,’ where you will select your profile.
  • By default, it will be named ‘Personal’ unless you rename it.
  • You can now select your default payment as cash if you wish.

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You might get the following message during the ride: “Your driver’s phone will show you the amount to pay at the end of the trip.”

Once your ride is complete, you’ll give the driver the cash required to cover your fare, and you should still receive an email receipt after the Uber driver has taken your cash payment.

However, it doesn’t always work this way. Yes, it can be inaccurate and not send you any prompt to pay your fares.

Now, you should note that paying cash has some disadvantages. So should you use some money? Because this is a different matter altogether.

Should you use cash?

Uber is designed to be a cashless payment experience

Paying cash is bound to get you and the driver in a pickle. This is because the driver will be caught off guard and not sure if cash is acceptable.

Drivers may not have split change

This is another serious issue. When you pay by cash, your driver may not have the split change to give you in return.

Except you decide to add tips to the money you pay so there won’t be any need for change.

This will depend on how many tips you want to leave. This is a farfetched example, but if you pay #200 and your fare is #150, then #50 will be for the tip.

If you consider the tip too much, there will be change issues. Some uber drivers carry money around, and some don’t.

However, in some cases, uber drivers have a feature that credits you for the change you are due.

If this case is common, you will not have issues with change or need to tip. So that remaining #50 will be retained in your uber account.

We would not suggest you resort to cash unless extremely necessary.

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As previously mentioned, cash is acceptable in some locations, so, in those locations, you may go ahead.

Remember that you can’t pay with money if you don’t set your payment method as cash, as I’ve informed you.

If your card is the registered payment method, but you want to pay in cash, it won’t be allowed. It is advisable, though, to use credit cards as those go in line with the concept of Uber.

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