12 Best Google Scholarships: Types & Benefits
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12 Best Google Scholarships: Types & Benefits

Google offers various scholarships to support students in technology fields.

These programs help make education more affordable for outstanding students.

Education and career advancement are vital pursuits, and Google recognizes the importance of empowering talented individuals in various fields.

This article provides an overview of 12 of the top Google scholarship opportunities available.

It covers eligibility, award amounts, application tips, and more.

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What Are Google Scholarships?

Known for products like Search, Gmail, Android, and more, Google also provides significant funding for deserving students.

Google’s scholarship initiatives aim to promote education in computer science and related subjects.

This supports their mission to improve access to technology careers.

Scholarships are open to students worldwide pursuing degrees in fields like computer science, computer engineering, user experience design, business management, and more.

There are scholarships for general undergrads, graduate students, women, minorities, and international students.

Award amounts range from $1000 to fully funded education.

12 of the Best Google Scholarships

Here are details on 12 top scholarship programs funded by Google:

1. Google Women Techmakers Scholarship

Eligibility: Female students pursuing computer science or closely related majors

Amount: $1000-$10,000

Benefits: Funding for tuition, books, room/board

Application: Essay, academic records

2. Google Lime Scholarship

Eligibility: Underrepresented minority students in computer science

Amount: $10,000

Benefits: Money for tuition, summer internship

Application: Essay, transcripts, recommendation letter

3. Google Policy Fellowship

Eligibility: Graduate students interested in Internet policy

Amount: Up to $50,000

Benefits: Full tuition and stipend for master’s program

Application: Essays, CV, interview

4. Google Conference and Travel Scholarships

Eligibility: Students planning to present papers at conferences

Amount: Up to $1500 travel stipend

Benefits: Cover conference travel costs

Application: Conference paper submission

5. Google PhD Fellowship Program

Eligibility: Outstanding PhD students in computer science, related majors

Amount: Up to $60,000

Benefits: Tuition and stipend funding for full-time studies

Application: Academics, essays, recommendations

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6. Generation Google Scholarship

Eligibility: High school seniors who demonstrate leadership and impact

Amount: $10,000

Benefits: Money for college costs

Application: Essay, academic details, leadership experience

7. Google Student Veterans Scholarship

Eligibility: Veterans or active military pursuing a tech degree

Amount: $10,000

Benefits: Funding for tuition, housing, books

Application: Essays on military and academic experience

8. Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Eligibility: Europe-based students with disabilities studying computer science

Amount: 7000 euro

Benefits: Money toward university studies

Application: Essay, academic info, details on disability

9. Google Asia Pacific Student Scholarship

Eligibility: Students in the Asia Pacific region studying technology/business

Amount: $1000 – $5000

Benefits: Funding for tuition, living costs, and more

Application: Essay, academic history, extracurriculars

10. Google Launchpad Scholarship

Eligibility: Students interested in startups, entrepreneurship

Amount: 100% program costs

Benefits: Full scholarship for the Launchpad program

Application: Entrepreneurship goals, startup ideas

11. Google Cloud Career Readiness Scholarship

Eligibility: University students interested in cloud computing

Amount: $50,000 value

Benefits: Hands-on cloud training, interview coaching

Application: Academics, passion for cloud tech

12. Google Tech Exchange Scholarship

Eligibility: Students from excluded groups in technology

Amount: Full scholarship

Benefits: Attend a Tech Exchange program

Application: Academics, essay, recommendation

Tips for Applying for Google Scholarships

If you want to win a Google scholarship, keep these application tips in mind:

  • Highlight academics – Google rewards strong grades and test scores, especially in technology and science.
  • Showcase leadership – Getting involved on campus and leading clubs or causes helps demonstrate your abilities.
  • Discuss passion for technology – Clearly convey your enthusiasm for computer science and passion for creating impact in the field.
  • Volunteer experience – Community service helps reveal your values and commitment to helping others.
  • Polish essays – The essays often make or break applications. Craft focused responses that tell your unique story.
  • Meet deadlines – Submit a complete, accurate application by the deadline to ensure full consideration.
  • Request recommendations – Ask professors or mentors who know you well to submit recommendations highlighting your skills and potential.

With strategic applications emphasizing your academic merit, leadership experience, service commitments, and potential, you can show you deserve a Google scholarship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions students have about Google’s scholarship programs:

What Majors Are Eligible for Google Scholarships?

Most Google scholarships are for students studying computer science, computer engineering, and related technology majors.

Some are broader, covering business, marketing, design, etc.

What Grade Point Average Is Required?

GPA requirements vary by program but expect 3.0 – 3.5 minimums. The more competitive your GPA, test scores, and course rigor, the better.

Do I Need to Attend a Specific University?

No, Google scholarships are open to students at all accredited colleges and universities worldwide.

Are International Students Eligible?

Yes, many Google scholarships are open to international students. Some are restricted to certain regions or countries.

Can Graduate Students Qualify?

Definitely. Several Google scholarships specifically target graduate students in master’s and PhD programs.

How and When Should I Apply?

Applications open at different times annually. Check Google’s scholarship site for deadlines.

You’ll need to submit online applications which include essays, academic details, recommendations, and more.


Google’s generous scholarship programs help make quality education more accessible for students excelling in technology and leadership.

By applying for relevant opportunities like those highlighted, you can gain funding and invaluable experiences to excel at college and launch your career.

Remember to craft strong applications that convey your academic abilities, passion for technology, leadership experience, and dreams for the future.

With focus and perseverance, a Google scholarship can help you achieve your educational goals.