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How to Become an Auto Accident Attorney in California?

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While growing, we all had that one childhood dream. What was yours? For me, it was to be an attorney. I love how they represent people, fight for justice, and their dressing.

My love grew more when I saw a movie, I can’t recollect the title, but I could remember it made me learn how to speak, then I started practicing using my family as a client. Even though it got changed, I still love everything about them.

When you or your loved ones got injured, you hired the service of an auto car accident attorney, right? Or you’ve heard how people had to hire an auto car accident in California?

But have you ever wondered how they become one? Or do you love the attorney career and would love to know how to become an auto car accident attorney in California? Whichever class you belong to, you will find the answer you seek in this piece.

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How to Become an Auto Accident Attorney in California?

An auto car Accident attorney is one whose job is to represent victims (clients) who have been injured in a car accident. The could be the injured person or the family member of the victim. This is one of the sought-after profession out there because the rate at which car crashes happens keeps getting higher by the day and this gives auto car accident attorney vast case to resolve. So for an auto car accident attorney who wants to represent a client, he or she must be knowledgeable in everything about personal injury laws.

You might be wondering, what is there to gain as an auto accident attorney? Well, it is one of the careers with large profits because most settlements or compensation are high.

Car Accident Lawyer Educational Qualifications

The process of becoming an auto car accident attorney starts with education which typically lasts about 7-8 years. A long time, right? Yes, it requires that much sacrifice and commitment. The educational process includes;

  • Bachelor’s Degree,
  • LSAT,
  • Admission to Law School,
  • Juris Doctor Law Degree,
  • MPRE,
  • Passing of Bar Examination.

Bachelors Degree

There is no shortcut to it, so for an auto accident car attorney in California, His/her process begins with a Bachelor’s degree.

There is no particular order of courses you need to major in as an undergraduate to proceed to law school, although the majority of attorneys to be choose major courses like English, Economics, Political Science, Business, or history to get prepared for the work ahead.

And there is a lot of reading done on entering law school, so picking major courses at the undergraduate level puts you at an advantage when you get to law school because reading would have become a piece of cake to you by then.

Online programs are also made available with numerous majors to choose from, some of them include; Legal studies, pre-law, and criminal justice. All of this aids preparation for Law school.

Application into the Law School

This involves writing and passing the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The score is the determinant factor to acceptance or rejection. This test is conducted seven times a year.

The section of this test is divided into four, this four-section are; “Logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension and writing.

On acceptance into a law school, students (attorney)are grilled in strict academic coursework which involves, reading, assignments, and tie management. For students who love exposure, they could be a part of different law groups, which can be a boost for their resume.

On completion of law school, students must prepare for one of the difficult stages of becoming an attorney, which is to take the state bar exam, and it must be passed. This particular exam includes all areas of law, while the major varies based on the state-to-state factor.

Although, some law schools curricula have been authorized by American Bar Association. It is not of compulsion to attend an American Bar Association-approved program, because it is not a guarantee to passing the Bar exam. The Bar examination can be conducted in the following formats;

  • Multistate Bar Examination (MBE)
  • Multistate Performance Test (MPT)
  • Uniform Bar Examination ( UBE)
  • Multistate Essay Examination (MEE)

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What Does an Auto Car Accident Attorney Do?

An Auto Car Accident attorney is one with the responsibility of giving a detailed explanation of a case process to his other client, investigating each party involved, getting evidence, police report, interviewing witnesses, examining the incident scene, handling and contacting insurance company of both the victim and faulty party, handle compensation negotiations.

If both parties could not reach a negotiation about the compensation fee, then an attorney file a lawsuit on behalf of his or her client, the process involved in the lawsuit includes;

  • Crafting of a composed discovery,
  • Submission of interrogatories,
  • Testimonies,
  • Bring on Professionals to verify the assertion,
  • Documents for witnesses and evidence,
  • Take part in mediation,
  • Trial,
  • Deliver post-trial motions
  • Organize collections.

Typically, two auto accidents can never be similar, there will always be differences, this is why it is often advised that auto car accident attorneys should be knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced about all.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, annually, the median salary of an attorney is $120, 910. While the top attorneys earn $208, 000 annually. However, location, size of the firm, etc are tie factor that determines the salty received. Those who work with a private firm earn much higher than a state or federal firm.

California attorneys are one of the attorneys who get paid well because California is one of the top five paying states for attorneys.

  • California  $168,200
  • District of Columbia $189,560
  • New York – $165,260
  • Connecticut – $152,540
  • Massachusetts – $157,450.

Other determinant factors of an auto car accident attorney salary include;

  • Understanding and experience in personal injury law,
  • Law Firm Affiliation  or self-sufficient,
  • Client assessment/testimonies,
  • Geographic location,
  • Commission portion.

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It is obvious that becoming an auto car accident attorney is a tedious task, so when next you need to hire one, compensate them well.

If you are looking to become an auto car accident in California, this is one of the motivations you need because California had a favorable employment opportunity for an auto car accident attorney.

They keep thriving every year, and it will continually be so. do not miss out on this thriving process. If you have a younger one or family who wants to become an attorney, share this with them to keep their dream alive.

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