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Best April fools pranks for Work

Don’t let the office clones shine this year with another April fool’s pranks on you. So this morning we will be teaching you a few April fools pranks for work.

So you might be asking won’t Get Fired for this April Fools Office Pranks. Well, let try them out and see how it goes. LOL

Please I beg you don’t go extreme with your pranks this April. Learn to know when someone needs it and when they don’t.

So, lets go!

Fun April fools pranks for work That Won’t Get You Fired

Dead Mouse 

I know you are thinking of killing a mouse for this April Fools office prank. But far from it. So, what we expect you to do is to position a sticker or tape a piece of paper under your colleagues computer mouse and make them believe their mouse is dead.

This pranks works for both laser or ball-rolling mouse. Once they finally notice the mouse is not working, they will look under their mouse and see the sticker tape.

This is where you shout “April Fool”!

Chair Wrap 

Okay so this might cost you a little, you can decide to wrap a foil or bubble wrap on your colleagues for this April fool office prank. When that is done look for a Whoopie cushion under the wrap beforehand. They might walk in and see their chair wrapped, they will likely expect the job is over… until they sit down on the hidden whoopie cushion.

Held Ransom 

Swipe and hide one of your coworker’s prized possessions (their favorite coffee mug or desk ornament, perhaps?), and leave in its place an anonymous ransom note that they must pay a piece of candy for its safe return. You decide the terms…. meeting time and place, etc.

Plastic Wrapped Doorway 

Whether it’s the main door, your office door or the bathroom door, it can be hysterical watching a coworker bounce off! This prank is most effective in a dimly lit space to avoid glare spoiling the surprise. Sometimes just a strip waist high does the trick and goes most easily undetected.

QWERTY Keyboard No More 

Please while pranking your colleagues try to take a picture of their keyboard first. After that, you need to rearrange the keys on a coworker’s keyboard so the letters say APRIL FOOLS. Trust me some might not even notice the change but you can call their attention to it if you want.

Biggest Fan In The Office 

You can decide to deck your colleague’s or boss’s office with posters of celebrities they don’t really love.

“Roaring” With Laughter 

While your boss is on the phone, in a meeting or steps out, leave a message on their desk notifying them of a missed call. This phony call is from a manager named ‘Bear’ who wants to meet for lunch this week to discuss a possible partnership, and he can be reached at this number. When your boss dials the number, and someone picks up and thanks them for calling their local zoo, s/he will likely discover the joke. If not at that point, they will proceed to ask to speak with ‘Bear’ which would make the prank even more hilarious!

Biggest Fan On The Road 

This is the next step up from #5. Buy some car markers, and decorate the unsuspecting victim’s vehicle with declarations of fanship or something equally as outrageous… I’m thinking, “JUSTIN BIEBER’S #1 FAN!” or something of the like. Imagine your coworker’s surprise when s/he thinks s/he has made it through the day without being pranked… only to find his or her vehicle decorated. But then having to drive it home or to the car wash? That’s priceless.

Rubber Critter 

Whether it’s a rubber snake, spider, mouse or other fear-inspiring critters, this prank is sure to bring about a few laughs. Hide the critter in plain sight and attach a fishing line to one end. When an unsuspecting victim is about to cross its path, pull the string so the movement is sure to catch their eye… and then wait for the scream. If you’re looking to put in less effort, it can be equally as terrifying to find a large spider on your desk or chair.

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Anybody Want A Peanut? 

Get your hands on some packing peanuts, and choose your victim. Leave their desk drawer contents intact, but fill them to the brim with packing peanuts. Leave a note on their desk that says, “I hope you’re not allergic to peanuts!” With their drawers closed, they will likely be confused by the note and continue about their day. Then the first time they open a drawer to grab a pen or paper, they will realize they’ve been pranked!

A few April Fools office tips, tricks, and things to remember before you start pranking someone….

  • Please make sure your pranks are quick and fun.
  • Please never prank anyone you genuinely don’t like or who you suspect might not like you.
  • Do not waste a lot of company time either setting up the prank or for the victim to clean up or recover from the prank. If the prank requires a lot of setup time, make sure to come in early or use your lunch break.
  • If you wanna prank more people this April arrive early at work. Please once you are done go back to work!
  • Please someone Pranks you this April don’t be offended! Usually, people who get pranked are chosen for their good humor and likelihood to be a good sport. Try to embrace the prank, and laugh it up! and choose someone else to prank.


Please whatever prank you may choose make sure it’s safe to pull, regardless of your office atmosphere. We will not be held accountable for the negative effect of these office pranks.