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Top 15 Apps to help you with your career

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Since the global pandemic in 2020, the world has had to forcefully adapt and 2021 has been a great career year so far, but there are ways it could be better.

Surely many of us want to end 2021 being better career-wise than we started it.

Top 15 apps to help you with your career

To help you achieve this using technology, we bring you a list of the top 15 mobile applications to help you fulfill your career goals before the end of 2021.

We are going to try to make this list a varied one, both with apps termed generic that can aid you in changing various habits that you want to other more specific ones that help you with specific tasks.


We are going to be starting with a more generic application, a project manager. Believe it or not, it can be very valuable when your purpose is a complex project, either you’re managing it alone or with a group of other people. Asana is a great resource.

Asana will allow you to manage your projects in multiple ways. It could be as simple as jotting down things you need to do, putting a due date on them and then knowing what you need to do each day, as an agenda.

But you could also ensure each task have a series of subtasks, and ultimately you can then be more organized when carrying them out.

Available on Android and iOS

The journal: Journey

You might’ve even considered the possibility of owning a diary where you write down what has happened to you or you have done each day, to keep track and review it in the future and remember everything vividly as you want to. I’m recent years, this seems to have fallen behind a bit, same way we’ll think of paper newspapers, but the evolving world of smartphones has brought it back.

For this feature, the Journal: Journey app is one of the best dairy app available out there. you remember when we say as vividly as you want it? It gives you the freedom to add entries every day, being able to include data such as date, time or even location and temperature. You could also add photos in addition to your writing, and everything is perfectly organized in a calendar manner. In addition, it is multi-platformed, which means it’d be synchronized whether you use the mobile you frequently use or another.

Available on Android and iOS


There are multiple applications available today in the market for learning languages, but Duolingo is one of the most famous and leading in this field and in our opinion, The best. The method of this application is to offer you little series of daily exercises with which you progress in your chosen language from its basic concepts to perfection.

It has courses in lots of languages, from German and Italian to Russian or Japanese and even Spanish. The daily exercises frequently have 3 or 4 types of tests, always focused on a specific concept or learning that they’ve chosen to teach you that day, and focusing on the gamification of the learning process to make it even more enjoyable.

Available on Android and iOS


If your New Month’s resolution is to have more control over your personal finances, congratulations, because this is something quite important so that you do not end up with money going without knowing where. Fintonic is an app that helps you to categorize your expenses, giving you access to every information about your income, how and what you are spending your money on.

Factually, it gives you a clear, easy to understand breakdown of your expenses, it gathers all the different banking entities that you add to the account, thereby having detailed information about all your expenses and commissions that you are paying. Additionally, it provides you with automatic reminders of your next payments. And since you’re linking banks, it offers 256-bit encryption and bank-grade security certification.

Available on Android and iOS

Google Calendar

Google Calendar has a amazing function that enables you to set different goals to meet during the year, which can be to read several times a week or exercise periodically. This makes it for us an unexpected but powerful tool to keep track of your yearly resolutions, since the calendar will take care of finding spare time in your schedule for you to perform all these tasks.

Available on Android and iOS

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Building good habits, can be a generic purpose for an app. HabitHub is an excellent application capable of adapting to the different habits that you wish to improve and help you along your journey of improvement. HabitHub is specially created for this purpose which enables you to keep track of the habits that you want to implement in your life.

Its habit building system is based on chains of days where you perform a certain habit consecutively, being able to create several that are optimally organized in different categories. You also have access to charts and various types of statistics for you to keep track of for all varying purposes.

Available on Android and coming soon to iOS


Another application dedicated to giving you total control of your habits and goals, which can range from learning a new language to quitting smoking. It provides you with a combination of all the basic functions many of the market available apps do, with reminders, statistics, and daily records of your feelings or those difficulties you encountered.

One of the functions that differentiates it from the rest is its social function, which permits you to contact other users of the platform to help you with advice or help monitor your progress. This could be done with people you already know who have the app or with complete strangers, and you could also do the same for others if you so wish.

Available on Android and iOS


If one of your recent resolutions is to put some peace back in your life, then Headspace is the application for you. An app dedicated to mental health, it is designed to help you eliminate stress and be more relaxed with numerous kinds of exercises related to mindfulness.

This application offers more than 40 areas to perform meditations, and numerous exercises to tackle anxiety, relieve stress, learn to breathe or improve your breathing among many other things. It works by modules, with few basic free and others paid, and it also has a specific module on relaxing and sleeping better.

Available on Android and iOS


Loop is another useful application to track all your various types of purposes or habits that you have decided to work on in your life, an Android exclusive application. The idea of this app is very similar to Headspace but with a little twist, it supports the creating and maintaining of good habits, creating long and short term goals and showing you graphs and statistics to track all your improvement.

Here, the most amazing feature of this app is that it is an open-source and totally free application, where there’s a promise to not even have ads. All that and a beautiful and minimalist interface, and widgets to help you better keep track of everything.

Available on Android


One of the greatest yearly resolutions you can have come 2022 for both your health and wallet is to quit smoking. For this, there’s several applications, and one of our best pick is QuitNow!. Additionally, it is also a multi-platformed application that you can install on both your Android and iOS devices, so it won’t pose a problem when you switch your mobile device mid-year.

This app has some great tools to make it seamless for you to quit smoking, like an achievement system to motivate and inspire you on a daily basis. It also has a checklist of many health indicators to enable you see how you’re improving daily, and a community of ex-smokers that you can converse with to exchange experiences and inspire you more.

Available on Android and iOS


Quizilla is an app just like QuitNow, but was created with special emphasis on the intention of helping you deal with all addictions, doesn’t matter which. From tobacco to porn addiction, through alcohol and many others forms of addiction. Quizilla aims to help you Because yes, ending those bad habits is very important for the long-term goals that one sets for oneself.

To start with, it lets you to inputs the last day you performed that bad habit that you’re trying to eradicate, and from there it begins to show you charts and graphs with information on how long you haven’t relapsed. Additionally, it informs you of the money saved by staying away from the bad habit, and it has a achievements and rewards system to help motivate you.

Available on Android and iOS


Remente is a special application in our books, built with the plan of helping you perform small daily actions to create behavioral change in your life based on the needs you have. It serves as a type of virtual trainer to improve your daily routines. You just have to input what habits you desire to have or that goals you want to achieve, and the application will instantly organize your routines.

Once you establish the goals you desire to achieve, the application will give you a daily small task that you should do to move you a step closer to achieve your goal. It allows you to create new and punctual reminders, and it will show you the habits you are building in a graphical manner.

Available on Android and iOS


Runtastic in our opinion is one of the best applications for outdoor sports. The App enables you to create interval workouts, while also doing them in continuous runs. During the recording of the training sessions, it also records the path you followed on the map for later review by you and is a very trustworthy app in terms of the kilometers traveled and your speeds reached.

You can also use it with the helmets to track by voice that indicates the data of your race. Additionally, it also keeps the history of all the kilometers that you are doing daily so that you can review your progress.

Available on Android and iOS


Speendee is one of the best applications out there in the market to help you save money and have greater control over your personal finances. In this case, it is more manual than Fintonic, since it allows you to enter your expenses and income manually around several categories, and thus be able to know what is happening with your money and where it is going.

The best feature of speendee in our opinion is that it enables you access to glance through the money you are entering and spending while being able to plan expenses with special alerts and limits. This is offered to you with a very visual and interactive design.

Available on Android and iOS


At the beginning of the article, we mentioned Asana, a task manager that can also help you organize yourself better in your day-to-day life. It is a good purpose to want to put an order in your daily tasks or in longer and more complex projects, for which we include in the list one of its main alternatives, which is Trello.

The application allows you to create tasks with subtasks, and thus be able to organize the things you want to do. You can also assign dates and reminders so that you don’t miss out on something important. It is a generic application for the world of work, but surely you can adapt it to many purposes that you have decided to try in the new year.

Available on Android and iOS

These are our top picks but we are also interested in yours. Therefore, if the list is missing any application you think can help others achieve their career goals this year, we invite you to share them with the rest of the community in the comments section.

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