How to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn (See Examples)
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How to Announce Your New Job on LinkedIn (See Examples)

High five! You’ve got a new job! Congratulations! Now that you’re part of a new team, it’s time to share the news. But how do you announce your new job on LinkedIn most effectively?

LinkedIn is the perfect place to share exciting news about your new job and professional accomplishments.

After all, it’s one of the most professional social networks–and if you’re looking for career opportunities, it should be your go-to platform.

How can you announce your new job in a way that will make an impact? That’s precisely what we’ll be talking about in this article.

We’ll cover how to craft your announcement post and some useful examples to help set the tone. Let’s jump right into it!

Best Way to Announce a New Job on LinkedIn

Announcing your new job on LinkedIn is the perfect way to show off your professional accomplishment and let your network know you’ve taken a big step in your career.

You can boost job opportunities and make a great impression with the right style and tone.

When announcing your new job on LinkedIn, it’s important to remember three things: format, details, and #humblebrag.

Format-wise, start with a sentence of excitement about your new role.

Include relevant details such as title, company name, and industry (e.g., “I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now the Senior Account Manager at XYZ Company in the tech industry!”).

Finally, don’t forget the #humblebrag – try to add something unique about the opportunity that captures people’s attention without seeming overly boastful (e.g., “I’m so excited for this chance to work on a team of experts in my field!”).

By following these guidelines for announcing your new job on LinkedIn, you’ll be able to bring attention to your big career move and make sure you get noticed by potential employers or colleagues who may be interested in what you offer!

Advantages of Announcing Your New Job on LinkedIn

Announcing your new job on LinkedIn has several advantages.

1. Exposes you to recruiters

It instantly presents you to recruiters and potential employers while also providing an opportunity to connect with other professionals in your industry.

It’s also a great way to show off your career growth and progression—which can open up even more opportunities in terms of networking, recruitment, and job searching.

2. Friend to show support

Another benefit of sharing your new job announcement on LinkedIn is that it provides a platform for people who have invested in your career growth to show their support and congratulatory messages.

This can further strengthen the relationships you have formed over the years that could have been beneficial for future opportunities.

3. Relevant in the community

Finally, announcing your new job on LinkedIn allows you to become part of the conversations happening in the community related to your field.

That way, you can build credibility within the industry by discussing current trends or emerging topics related to your profession.

This can be an excellent opportunity to develop yourself professionally while learning from established professionals in the field.

Tips for Writing a Professional Post About Your Job Change

If you want to make sure your post announcing a job change is professional, here are some tips:

Be Specific

Make sure to include the specifics of your new job – such as the title, company name, and any other relevant information.

Avoid generic terms like “I am starting a new journey,” and be as specific as possible.

Doing so will demonstrate that you have researched and are taking your new job seriously.

Keep it Concise

When writing about your new job on LinkedIn, keep it concise and to the point. You want to make sure the reader is aware of the details.

Limit yourself to a few sentences briefly summarizing why you’re excited about your new role and what kind of impact you hope to make.

Thank Those Who Supported You

Remember to thank those who supported you in your job search or throughout other transitions in your career.

This could be mentors, friends, former colleagues, family members – anyone who has helped you get where you are today. Make sure they know how much their support means!

Examples of Great Posts to Share the News

When it comes to announcing your new job on LinkedIn, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  1. Be sure to use the correct language: use words like “excited” and “thrilled” instead of “happy” or “pleased
  2. Keep.” it professional: ensure your post is free from typos and errors.
  3. Add some personalization to make it unique.

Here are some examples of great posts that you can use to announce your new job on LinkedIn:

  1. Excited to announce I’m joining [Company Name] as their [Role Title]! After much consideration, I’m looking forward to the challenge and what lies ahead.
  2. It’s official! Today is my first day at [Company Name], where I’ll be taking on the role of [Role Title]. I can’t wait for the incredible experience ahead.
  3. Onward and upward! After careful consideration, I’m pleased to announce that I’m taking on a new role at [Company Name] as their [Role Title]. Here’s to all the fantastic opportunities this offers!
  4. Making moves – as of today, I’m officially part of the team at [Company Name], where I’ll be taking on the role of [Role Title]. Looking forward to this exciting journey!

No matter which posts you decide to use, remember that announcing your new job is a big step in your career—so make sure you put some thought into how you want it portrayed!

Crafting the Perfect Job Description

So how do you craft the perfect job description? It can feel like a lot of pressure, but don’t worry!

The key is to make it simple, clear, and straight to the point.

Define Your Role

Defining your role is super important—it helps other people understand where you fit in the company hierarchy.

So why not clarify what you do and how you help achieve the company’s goals?

Include Relevant Skills

What sets you apart from other candidates? List all relevant skills.

These can range from technical skills like coding and programming to soft skills like problem-solving and time management.

Showcase Your Achievements

Did you get a promotion after six months on the job? Did your team reach their targets before their deadline?

Now’s your chance to brag about those accomplishments and let your future connections know they’re working with an excellent professional!

With these tips in mind, show off your new role with confidence! Showcase your achievements, skills, and expertise—in no time; you’ll be building meaningful connections on LinkedIn!

How to Be Mindful of Your Current Employer When Announcing

When you announce your new job on LinkedIn, remember to be mindful of your current employer.

Showing respect for the company you’re leaving, even if it was a difficult transition, will help protect your reputation and professional relationships.

Here are some tips for doing this gracefully:

  1. Don’t criticize or badmouth your old company—you never know if someone who works there could be seeing what you post.
  2. Focus on the positive aspects of the new job—the skills you’ll be learning, the challenges you’ll be tackling, and more.
  3. Mention the people who have helped get you to where you are today and thank them publicly; they will appreciate it more than you know!
  4. Always keep things professional, even if commenting on a personal change in lifestyle or location accompanying the job change.
  5. Avoid mentioning money—that should be kept private as much as possible!

How you announce your new job can leave a lasting impression on you as a professional.

By following these simple steps, you’ll set yourself up for success in networking with the right people and creating long-term career relationships within your field.

Using Photos or Visuals to Enhance Your Post

When you make a post about your new job, why not use a photo or other visual to help tell the story?

Photos and visuals can create a connection with your audience, making them more likely to stop scrolling and engage with your post.

Plus, it’s just fun to show off-you that worked hard to get here, so why not show off a little?

Start by selecting an interesting image related to the job you just accepted. It could be a photo of you in the office or workspace.

Or it could be a logo of the organization where you work. Or they might even be some infographic—no matter what, make sure it ties in nicely with your post.

And don’t forget about the video! There are tons of tools available for creating high-quality videos quickly and easily.

You could make a video showing off your new office space or take viewers on a workplace tour.

This can be an incredibly effective way to add personality and make your job announcement stand out.

No matter what type of visual content you choose—a photo, logo, infographic, or video clip—use it to highlight the excitement of this new opportunity in your life (without going overboard).

A great visual could be the difference between someone casually scrolling through their feed and deciding to celebrate this big change with you.


As you can see, announcing your new job on LinkedIn can be a powerful way to enter the next chapter of your career.

By leveraging the platform’s powerful networking and job-searching capabilities, you can proudly share your new role with existing connections, potential employers, and potential customers.

Regardless of the message you choose to share, make sure your post focuses on your excitement and eagerness for the role.

Leave out any negative details about your current or past roles, and don’t be shy about letting the world know your enthusiasm for the new opportunity.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to make an impact when you announce your new job on LinkedIn and start your new role off on the right foot!