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15 Best programs similar to AmeriCorps In 2021

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Rendering a helping hand to the needy and the community at large is a commendable passion. Programs like Americorps have given people like you such an opportunity.

Although there aren’t monetary attachments to volunteering, many individuals derive satisfaction and fulfillment in life from helping others. Americorp is one of such organization where individuals who seek to volunteer can find fulfillment in helping others.

However, it’s is widely known that the policies of this organization may not favor every person willing to volunteer. Indeed there are other programs like Americorps that might meet your expectations. Unlike Americorps, national service programs like Peacecorps offers you an opportunity to serve humanity outside America.

However, Just like every functional organization the Peace Corps has lots of requirements that prospective members must fulfill, and because not everyone can do this, there are alternatives.

The idea is that you still get the opportunity to serve humanity and contribute your quota towards making the world a safer and better place.

So, irrespective of if you are looking to protect the environment, help keep the community safe, or give a child a second chance, volunteering at a national service program will help you realize your dreams.

This article explains what Americorp is, the benefits attached to it, and other national service programs like Americorps to volunteer in 2021.

Volunteer programs make the world go round. Their importance cannot be over-stated and volunteers have contributed to the growth and development of different communities scattered over the globe from time immemorial.

These groups work to attain certain goals and visions and there are quite a number of them out there in which Americorps is part of them. They all have their missions and are set out to accomplish set goals and achieve certain visions.

What Is Americorps?

Americorps is one of the numerous voluntary civil society programs supported by the federal government of the United States. They engage adults in public service work with the goal of aiding others and meeting vital needs in the community.

Basically, volunteers at Americorp devote to full-time or part-time positions to fulfill assignments in the fields of education, public safety, health care, and environmental protection.

Although volunteers are not paid, a monthly stipend is allocated to each member to aid cover rent, groceries, and other basic expenses. Americorps civil society is open to all U.S citizens nationals, or lawful permanent resident individuals.

It’s members can serve in nonprofits, public agencies, institutions of higher education, Indian Tribes, and faith-based organizations to tutor and mentor youth, build affordable housing, teach computer skills, clean parks and streams, run after-school programs, and help communities respond to disasters.

What Are Some National Service Programs Like Americorp?

To volunteer at Americorp means you’ve met all eligibility requirements. For so many this can be very grueling and tasking.

Interestingly, there are other programs like Americorp with lesser eligibility requirements. There are countless possibilities when it comes to committing your skills, good intentions, and time. These national services programs make it feasible for you and others, depending on eligibility and the number of years to commit to service, below are the top national service programs like Americorps 2021.


Love Volunteers

This service program just like Americorps permits volunteers to work in Moldova an Eastern European country. Fundamentally, volunteers work in close proximity with local youth and teach them cultural diversity, human rights, healthy lifestyles, and community.

This opportunity is best suited for potential volunteers who are interested in Eastern Europe. Individuals who volunteer at Love Volunteer gain increased self-confidence and problem-solving skills.

Amazingly, this opportunity is open to people from all backgrounds, from all works of life and age groups.

International Volunteer HQ

Healthcare volunteering opportunities are open to almost everyone even with no or little medical skills. At IV HQ, each volunteer must be ready to dedicate at least a year and complete 12 meaningful projects during the period.

This civil society just like Americorps offers safe, responsible and affordable opportunities in Guatemala.

The society boasts of hosting over one hundred and twelve thousand (112, 000) travelers in its worldwide volunteer project so far. Volunteers are permitted to work in small local clinics in the rural areas of Guatemala. With this, they gain more experience in the medical field.

Habitat for Humanity

This civil society is committed to building strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. With a plan to help everyone have a decent place to live, this habitat for humanity provides living solutions to as many as possible. You can volunteer to help people build, repair, and renovate their homes.

Save Volunteering

Save volunteering is a volunteer program that affords you the opportunity to serve in the wild and beautiful arable lands of Africa.

Save Volunteering is headquartered in South Africa, and branched in countries like Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, and Kenya.

Most of their volunteer works are carried out in the Educational, wildlife conservation, community development, and construction sector.

Consequently, if you are searching for an opportunity to Volunteer in Africa and make a difference, you’re not alone.
There are countless people like you, and they’d be excited to meet you and get started.

Teach For America

If you are looking to volunteer in the educational sector, Teach for America is in search of volunteers to expand educational opportunities. Basically, volunteers teach for two years in a low-income community in the United States.
Teach for America volunteer program as at the last count has over 8, 200 teachers in over 35 urban and rural communities.

Orange County

Orange County is a nonprofit organization committed to developing deep and meaningful client experiences with services range solutions offered by a team of nonprofit professionals, the connection of nonprofits, and businesses. 

This allows them to fortify the communities they serve. Volunteers can choose to serve on any of Orange County’s four national days of service. The MLK day of service gives volunteers an opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of Dr, Martin Luther King JR through purposeful service.

In addition, this organization stands with peaceful protesters who are exercising their constitutionally protected First Amendment rights to speak out against injustice and racism. Volunteering at OneOC means helping the organization provide solutions and support to other nonprofits and companies.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

The BBBS of America organization is the largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network in the USA. The organization has successfully provided 78% of youths in the program group with a mentor. Also, over 43% of these youths enrolled live in households receiving food stamps and or welfare.

Peace Corps

Unlike Americorp, the Volunteers at Peacecorps get an opportunity to help communities abroad. Nonetheless, volunteers must be willing to complete a 2-year placement with this civil society.
This civil society offers a service opportunity for motivated changemakers to immerse themselves in a community abroad. So, volunteers work side by side with locals to tackle the most challenging issues of our generation.

Pacific Discovery

Pacific discovery programs offers individuals the opportunity to partake in service-learning trips across the globe for summer and semester-long adventures.
These experiential educational opportunities are focused on six core components: educational travel, service learning, cultural and language immersion, sustainable adventure travel, outdoors and wilderness exploration, personal and leadership development.

10 The Corps Network

In the excess of 29, 000 young men and women in valued public work are registered by the Corps Network. It is a great alternative to Americopr. Young minds who volunteer help reinvigorate communities, build civic spirit through service and preserve and restore the environment.


Although there are not many national service programs like Americorps to volunteer for, prospective volunteers driven with passion can always find a local guide to commit to.
This article postulates a number of civil societies that give prospective volunteers an opportunity to help humanity at large. Whether for teaching, environmental protection, or community rebuilding, the above are the best programs like Americorps in 2021 for you.

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