15 Amazing & delicious cheap lunch ideas for work in 2021
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15 Amazing & delicious cheap lunch ideas for work in 2021

  There are cheap lunch ideas for work that look great and taste great and the ingredients required are not ridiculously expensive.  Here you are trying to save money.  If you are buying them in bulk and can use them for several different meals, that’s great.  But if not, you might have caught it from the restaurant down the street.

  Just as you want to keep the cost low, you also want to keep the time it takes to make it low as well.  Nobody wants to spend hours every night preparing lunch for the next day.  This is a habit that just demands to be broken.  So, with the exception of the slow cooking options, it’s also very fast.

  Food is one of the biggest expenses a family can incur every month, which is why I am a firm believer in and fan of weekly meal plans.  If you are looking for some new budget lunch recipes to start preparing them for you and / or your family, you have come to the right place.

How can I make a cheap lunch for work?

  It doesn’t have to be an expensive healthy lunch.  Stick to your budget by preparing your lunch at home and packing it up for work.  These easy healthy lunch ideas are scored at $ 3 or less per serving.  With over 50 home-cooked lunches that inspire you including cold sandwiches, salads, cereal bowls, warm soups, and burritos, there is something for everyone.

  You may have more time some morning or you may be able to prepare your lunches the night before.  If you have time to cook, you have no limits: pasta salads, soups, burritos, delicious cereal bowls and more!  But if you have a tough time in the morning, it’s a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve and ideas to help you stay successful and not crash for junk food.

  There are two primary factors when it comes to taking your lunch to work regularly: 1.) Keep your pantry and freezer handy things that can turn into a backup lunch when you need to eat something, and 2) Have a nice lunch bag or container – something you can reuse  Time and time again he inspires you to bring your lunch.  Be enthusiastic about your lunches and you’ll always be ready!

  So, check out the list below for some lunch ideas that will make you the most enviable person at work and keep you from breaking the bank.


Delicious cheap lunch ideas for work in 2021

·         Chicken and cheese quesadilla

  All you need for this delicious and lively brunch is a tortilla, cheese, canned chicken, and any vegetables you want to add to the mix.  Fry canned chicken in a small skillet along with chopped onions and tacos (onions and spices will give the quesadilla an extra flavor).

  Place a layer of grated cheese on one of the tortilla layers, and then top it with the grilled chicken mixture.  Add any other vegetables like chopped peppers or tomatoes, then place the second tortilla on top.  Pour a little cooking oil into the pan, then place the quesadilla inside.  After five minutes on low heat, flip it over to heat the other side.  Within minutes, your quesadilla will be completed.  Bring sour cream or salsa as a dip for a delicious Mexican-style lunch.  Bam, here are our first ideas for easy healthy lunches!

·         Black bean and quinoa burgers

  If you are a vegetarian or like to eat lean food, consider making black beans and a quinoa burger.  Enhance your burgers by layering them with avocado, tomato, and lettuce.  Oh, and a slice of cheese, too.  Follow this black bean and quinoa burger recipe to prepare healthy, inexpensive lunches for your whole week.

·         Gourmet cold cut sandwiches

  Have you ever had a sandwich at a restaurant you just loved?  Maybe it was the honey-bourbon chicken sandwich or the turkey cranberry sauce mix.  Whatever suits you best when you are out to eat, make your own food for a fraction of the cost instead.  Sandwiches are the best easy lunch ideas, and these combos can help keep it fun!

·         Chicken or bean burrito

  One of the great things about burritos is that you can prepare them in advance, but they taste just as good as hours or even days later when you reheat them.  Choose chicken or beans as your protein, then top with a layer of tortilla chips with lots of cheese, onions, and other vegetables like peppers, lettuce, or tomatoes.

  Roll your burrito the night before or the morning, and reheat it once lunchtime arrives.  If you are looking to cut carbs or simply run out of the tortilla crusts, you can easily quit and serve your protein and salad as a delicious burrito bowl.

·         Spaghetti with minced beef

  Also known as Spaghetti Bolognese, this is the king of easy lunch ideas!  Cook ground beef using light spices of your choice.  Meanwhile, boil spaghetti or other favorite pasta like penne or bowties.  Once the meat is tender, add the can of tomato pasta sauce.  Mix the pasta with your sauce and divide what you made into lunch-size containers.  This is very easy and a lot tasty.

·         Crustless quiche

  Try making skinless quiche for a simple, yet delicious, microwavable lunch. You can make it in a large baking dish, and eat a lot of it all week, which makes it one of the cheapest protein-packed lunch ideas. Enjoy creating your own by adding your favorite ingredients like ham, spinach, and loads of cheddar cheese.

·         Chicken salad

  Eat a delicious lunch without much effort.  Combine canned chicken, 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise, chopped onion, celery, black pepper and a pinch of hot pepper.  Serve your salad on a bed of vegetables like spinach or place it between two slices of whole-wheat bread for a nutritious, easy-to-serve lunch idea!

·         Chicken Masala

  Make this week unique by trying our favorite Indian recipe: chicken masala.  Find chicken masala powder at your grocery store or make your own sauce with a recipe like this one.  Cook brown or white rice on the side to complement this delicious lunch idea.


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