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AI Accelerator AI for Changemakers Program

Call For Applications: AI Accelerator AI for Changemakers Program

The AI accelerator program puts social impact first.

We designed the AI for Changemakers program as a unique co-creation experience for tech companies and leading nonprofits to develop innovative, responsible, and practical AI solutions for real-world challenges. By participating in this program, your tech company can bridge the technology gap and make a meaningful impact.

The 3 stages of the Accelerator Program

Participants registration

Tech registrations are open on an ongoing basis. Nonprofit organisations apply in line with the impact cohorts Application Timeline (see below). Participation in the program is free of charge.

AI Bootcamp

Selected nonprofits embark on a 6-week AI Bootcamp program with AI experts to develop AI competences, formulate their AI strategy and scope AI projects for the next stage.

AI Sandbox

Tech companies chose the AI projects they want to work on and build responsible & resilient AI solutions with support from a vibrant community of practice, and present at Demo Days.

Build for change.

Become a changemaker.

Your tech company can help 100+ outstanding nonprofits boost their impact with AI!

AI for Changemakers is a global accelerator program for Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovators and leading nonprofit organizations, to collaborate and build AI solutions that solve the world’s most pressing problems. 

Tech companies registering will work directly with selected nonprofits and offer pro-bono support to build AI solutions. Participation in the program is free of charge.

  • Build impactful AI solutions in collaboration with hand-picked nonprofits
  • Become a part of the vibrant AI4C community on Discord
  • Network with like-minded AI innovators, mentors and consultants
  • Upskill and network with changemakers in a global arena
  • Participate in Demo Days and get recognition for your work.

Information for Nonprofits

How do nonprofit organizations benefit from the program?

Nonprofits are on the frontlines of addressing burning global problems. In this program, we recruit and empower 110+ organizations with AI strategies and AI solutions developed pro-bono by tech companies registered in the accelerator program. Benefits for nonprofits:

  • Participate in a free 6-week AI Bootcamp organized for 5 impact cohorts
  • Get pro-bono support to develop AI tools that will boost your impact
  • Be a part of the vibrant AI for Changemakers community on Discord
  • Inspire the community with your AI impact story
  • Pitch your success during Demo Days and get access to funding

➡️  Find out more in the AI4C Program Deck for Nonprofits

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