81 Powerful Verbs that can Spice up your Resume
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81 Powerful Verbs that can Spice up your Resume

  When writing a CV, it is imperative to use powerful verbs and strong verbs list to properly illustrate and demonstrate the talents you bring to the table.  In traditional CVs, word choice was much less certain, however, in today’s modern market, the standards have changed with the competition that is becoming ever fiercer for job boards.

  Action verbs are words that describe or express a verb.  Including these dynamic verbs on your resume can help employers visualize your accomplishments and what you can achieve on the job.  Strong job descriptive verbs give a confident feel to your resume and enable hiring managers to see who you are as a candidate – and a potential employee.

  Also, including lots of powerful verbs makes your resume easier to read.  As each bullet point starts with a strong action, recruiters can more easily check your resume for your most important and relevant skills and accomplishments.

  When you apply for a job, you only focus on your application materials.  But keep this in mind: Recruiters and hiring managers might be looking through hundreds of resumes for every vacancy!  With so many applications to do, recruiters don’t have the time to thoroughly read and evaluate each of them.

What qualities make up a strong resume?

  In fact, research shows that recruiters only browse résumés for 7.4 seconds.  This means that to impress a potential employer, you’ll need to make sure your resume packs a straight punch from the gate.  One of the best ways to stand out is to use powerful verbs to highlight your work experience, professional accomplishments, and skills on your resume.

  Nobody wants to read a boring and predictable biography, filled with the same old verbs over and over again.  You want to take the time to fill out your resume as lively and vibrant as possible, to get the reader’s attention and admiration as quickly as possible.  Some experts say that the person who reviews your resume decides within seconds whether you are a worthy candidate to pursue.  Seconds!  This is a small amount of time, and thus it is a small chance to stand out as an excellent candidate.  Every sentence is an opportunity to follow, so let’s make sure you understand it correctly!


  How to add powerful verbs to your resume

  Since recruiters will likely toss your resume, focusing your action acts within the bullet points will give you the most bang for your buck.  Start by looking at all of the duties and responsibilities of your previous positions and consider starting each with an action that gives a powerful statement about your job performance and experience.

  But don’t stop there!  Also see your resume summary for the Qualifications and Skills section to upgrade your wording.  Once your resume is created, check your cover letter to see where you can add work verbs that grab the hiring manager’s attention.

Powerful verbs that can Spice up your Resume

  1. Advised
  2. Advocated
  3. Clarified
  4. Corresponded
  5. Defined
  6. Gathered
  7. Ignited
  8. Informed
  9. Interpreted
  10. Persuaded
  11. Publicized
  12. Accelerated
  13. Achieved
  14. Advanced
  15. Amplified
  16. Boosted
  17. Capitalized
  18. Delivered
  19. Enhanced
  20. Expanded
  21. Expedited
  22. Furthered
  23. Gained
  24. Generated
  25. Improved
  26. Lifted
  27. Maximized
  28. Outpaced
  29. Stimulated
  30. Sustained
  31. Instructed
  32. Cultivated
  33. Mentored
  34. Empowered
  35. Achieved
  36. Generated
  37. Shaped
  38. Advised
  39. Prepared
  40. Tracked
  41. Implemented
  42. Streamlined
  43. Developed
  44. Formalized
  45. Maximized
  46. Revamped
  47. Pioneered
  48. Launched
  49. Merged
  50. Restructured
  51. Instituted
  52. Aligned
  53. Championed
  54. Cultivated
  55. Directed
  56. Empowered
  57. Enabled
  58. Fostered
  59. Headed
  60. Implemented
  61. Inspired
  62. Mentored
  63. Motivated
  64. Shaped
  65. Supervised
  66. Unified
  67. Accelerated
  68. Amplified
  69. Boosted
  70. Capitalized
  71. Delivered
  72. Drove
  73. Enhanced
  74. Exceeded
  75. Expedited
  76. Grew
  77. Lifted
  78. Maximized
  79. Outperformed
  80. Stimulated
  81. Surpassed


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