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5 Best Answers to “What are you passionate about?” Question in an Interview

5 Best Answers to “What are you passionate about?" Question in an Interview
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“What are you passionate about?”  Since employers want to know the best way to make their teams as effective as possible, it pays to know what inspires their workforce.  Asking the question “What are you passionate about?” may help them understand how they need to motivate you if they are hired.  It may also tell them if you are able to commit to a specific task, hobby, or enthusiasm and if you are a good individual.

  They may also ask this question to get an idea of ​​your strengths.  You are likely putting time, effort, and practice into skills, hobbies, or topics that pique your passion.  Therefore, you likely have certain strengths built around it.  For example, if you are passionate about helping people, then you likely have several strong interpersonal skills such as communication, organization, and empathy.

  “What are you passionate about?”  It might not be the toughest interview question you’ll ever ask, but it is potentially one of the best contenders for most of the awkward questions.  While the question itself is pretty simple, it can be uncomfortable to share your personal interests with a complete stranger.

What are you passionate about Answer examples?

  You might also ask yourself, “What does my passion have to do with this job?”  If you are applying for a job as an accountant, it doesn’t seem like the time has come to reveal that you are an avid seamstress.  And what if you can’t think of anything you’re passionate about?  Would the interviewer write you off as a disinterested person driving to complete their daily job duties?

  If an interviewer asks this question, chances are the reason is simple: They want to get to know you better.  Hiring managers often want to know what excites you even if it’s not job related, as well as get a glimpse of what your life outside of work looks like.

  When asked what you are passionate about during a job interview, this is an excellent opportunity to tell the interviewer about your hobbies, enthusiasm, or whatever is important in your life.  The hiring manager looks to know as much as possible about you and what you can offer the company, as well as the skills that prepare you for the job.

  When answering interview questions about your interests, you should aim to show your commitment to your passion, whatever that may be.  You also want to be honest – interlocutors can immediately select a ready-made answer.  Answer honestly and with enough detail, and you will successfully show the hiring manager more about your identity.

  Why do employers ask, “What are you passionate about?”

   Most of the interviewer asks the same question in multiple ways such as what is your passion telling me about your interest, what is your passion for an essay Why passion is important to you.  Or what kind of passion do you have for your job?

  This question is asked a lot by the interviewer because the interviewer wants to see how passionate you are for your job how much effort will you put into the company or the real candidate for this job because every recruiter wants to give the best employee to the employee.  The company has a responsibility to hire the right candidate.  Based on your answer, the interviewer makes some decisions about how much you understand the job and how passionate you are.  While providing an answer to this question, we must do our best and try to explain some answers as per your passion for work.

  A good answer to any interview question is brief and makes use of detailing.  Whatever you say about your motivations, you need to support him with examples from your studies and experiences at work and / or extracurricular activities, and they should be related to the skills and abilities required for the job you are pursuing.


5 Best tips to answer “What are you passionate about?” Question in an Interview

·         Rate your strengths

  The first step is to conduct a self-analysis and find out your strengths.  Look back at your current and past tenure and jot down the striking moments and accomplishments that have occurred.  This includes not only awards and accolades, but also an honest approach, idea, hobby, activity, or skill that you are truly passionate about or your commitment to your work.  Talk a lot about your work style and employment outcome.

  Provide examples of how you pursue your passion.  You may want to explain how you volunteered with specific organizations or participated in disadvantaged communities.

·         Understand your job requirements

  You should relate your answer by relating your passion to the position and why you are the right fit for the job.  Research a little about the job role – the main responsibilities involved, the skills and level of experience the recruiter is looking for, and the future growth potential you can expect there.  At the time of the interview, align your response with the interviewer’s expectations of the role in question.  Identify your strengths that you think fit well with the needs of the new organization and highlight them with specific examples.

·         Know what your recruiter looking for

  The primary purpose of the interviewer asking the question is to gauge your suitability for the role in question.  Hence, armed with a clear understanding of your core skills and expert knowledge of your industry, your next step will be to align this with the job requirements.

  Before the interview stage, assess whether a particular professional trait of yours will benefit you in the future role.  If yes, then mention it to the interviewer.  So, filter out a core set of strengths that you have demonstrated in the past that you think will add value to the new role as well.

·         Connect your passion to the job

  When answering this question, you must connect your passion to the job you are applying for.  Suppose you are interviewing for a user experience design job and notice that you are excited about finding ways to make websites easier to use.  There are many ways you can connect this passion to the job – UX design is all about making websites easier to use – that you can explore in your interview.

  Connecting your passion to the job is important because it will help the employee understand how your passion will help you be a more effective worker.

·         Share examples

  In your answer to this question, you should share an example or two about a time when you pursued your passion.  This will give the employer a chance to learn more about how your passion drives you, and what you have worked on in relation to your passion.


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